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How Companies Can Use the 2021 Top Global Consumer Trends To Prepare for What’s Next

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This article is part of a series highlighting the Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2021 report. 

The top global consumer trends that are manifesting during the pandemic will affect nearly all industries worldwide. Consumers will continue to think with a recessionary mindset, expect purpose-driven initiatives, demand seamless and safe digital engagements and seek out products and services that improve mental resilience. Out-of-home activities, like the office, will move into the home while consumers escape to the outdoors for recreation. Amidst the anxiety and turmoil, consumers will put their needs first and continue to push forward to advocate for a better tomorrow. 

Businesses should offer value-added products and services to accommodate consumers, providing multifunctional and affordable solutions. Brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants must reimagine their physical spaces to both accommodate online order fulfilment and incorporate open-air components to bring customers back safely. 

Technologies and virtual experiences are driving customer interactions and facilitating human connections online and in person. Cashless payments and click-and-collect services allow businesses to generate revenue while providing the safety and convenience consumers desire. Companies need to readjust strategies around remote engagements and less mobile consumers. 

Purpose-driven initiatives will resonate with consumers in 2021. Amidst social unrest, consumers want the facts and expect brands to act. Communicating with compassion and supporting mental wellbeing are critical attributes to drive brand loyalty. Flexibility, agility, transparency and technology will pave the way forward. With mounting uncertainties reshaping the world, businesses should prioritise and reinforce consumer, environmental and safety needs to foster a brighter future. 

Resilience and adaptability will define successful business strategies and consumer behaviour in 2021. Those that identify changes in consumer behaviour now will be better positioned to succeed in the next normal.  

Download the full Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2021 report to learn more about emerging and fast-moving trends that are expected to gain traction in the year ahead. 

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