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Megatrends Megatrends are long-term, consumer-driven trends that disrupt industries globally. We show you how to leverage megatrends to stay relevant and competitive in rapidly changing, consumer-centric markets.

How to Apply Megatrends for Effective Strategic Planning [Webinar Recap]

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Megatrend analysis helps businesses create and implement strategic plans across their organisations to help them stay relevant in today’s consumer-centric world.

Introduction to Megatrends

A megatrend is a long-term shift in consumer behaviour and attitude in response to socio-economic, demographic and technological developments that have a global impact across industries and categories. In a rapidly changing global environment, megatrend analysis is critical for companies seeking to drive sustainable growth and remain relevant. As consumers demand more, competition increases and new ideas disrupt industries.

We have identified eight of the most influential megatrends as Healthy Living, Experience More, Premiumisation, Ethical Living, Shifting Market Frontiers, Connected Consumers, Middle-Class Retreat and Shopping Reinvented. These are powerful trends that will mould and evolve over time, manifesting in different ways. Our webinar on How to Apply Megatrends for Effective Strategic Planning highlights how businesses can assess these trends to understand what they mean for their industries, give a broader perspective on how to respond and inform long term thinking that puts the future needs of consumers at the centre of a company’s strategy and innovation.

Applying Megatrends to Musinesses

Euromonitor International’s megatrend framework covers:

  • The drivers – the underlying forces driving change. We have identified five socio-economic drivers which combine to generate and shape consumer megatrends: Shifting Economics Power, Technology, Population Change, Environmental Shifts, Changing Values.
  • The megatrends – Megatrends highlight long-term shifts in consumer behaviour that reflect their changing needs.
  • Renovation, Innovation and Disruption – A spectrum of change from tweaking the offer through to high impact disruption of consumer behaviour.

Megatrend analysis is at the heart of consumer-centric product development; therefore, it is essential for businesses to innovate in line with what consumers want. Successful models begin with matching the trends having the greatest impact on the business, the category(s) they operate in while also looking at other industries for inspiration.

Benefits of Megatrend Analysis for Strategic Business Modeling  

Businesses can use megatrends to not only understand what is happening but to gain a better understanding of the wider landscape, looking outside of traditional competitive spaces to neighbouring trends and categories which can have a direct, indirect, short-term and long-term impact on a company’s value proposition.  The boundaries between traditional categories are fading and innovation will transpose across product categories.

Megatrend analysis can help companies see this broader picture and change strategy from a reactive to a proactive approach to addressing changing consumer needs.

To learn more about how to use megatrends for effective strategic planning, watch our on-demand webinar here.


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