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How To Exploit Category Price Gaps Within Online Retailers

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Read the report: Online Retailer Negotiations: Price Gaps & Opportunities

As suppliers and retailers compete in an increasingly dynamic e-commerce market, the need to understand price, attribute and assortment trends have never been greater. In our latest report, we explore the available skincare products sold through the Brazilian Strawberrynet online beauty portal as an example, to illustrate how you can uncover price gaps within the anti-aging category. Although the focus is on skincare products, a similar analysis can be undertaken for any category or online retailer.

The report illustrates how large volumes of well-organized and structured web extracted SKU data can be used, not only to identify price gaps that can potentially capture greater sales, category share, margin, and maximise profitability but also to evaluate leading suppliers’ assortment depth and price points through an online retailer. The use case illustrated would be tremendously useful when undertaking retailer/supplier negotiations and making decisions regarding online retail partners or suppliers.

We examine the full price distribution of available anti-aging SKUs (50ml pack sizes), the price tiers that exist within the category, and how to identify price gaps among large numbers of SKUs in the most straightforward way. Over 300 anti-aging SKUs and the brands of 54 suppliers, available through Strawberrynet, were evaluated to pinpoint significant price gaps. The focus of the analysis is on 50ml pack sizes priced below US$50. Nonetheless, the same analysis can be applied to any price tier identified in the report or for any other FMCG category.

Eight price gaps exist above 5% within Strawberynet’s  <50USD (50ml) price tier

Significant gaps exist for suppliers looking to exploit the lowest-priced anti-aging products within the mass-end of the price spectrum. For example, a gap of 46% or 4.23USD exists between Coryse Salome Competence and L’Oréal Wrinkle Expert SKUs. Several other gaps exist within the <50USD tier that is large enough for suppliers that wish to target this space.

Strawberrynet’s anti-ager assortment principally between 50-100USD

The largest share of SKUs available are priced between 50-100 USD, accounting for 41% (131 SKUs) of all 50 ml anti-ager SKUs retailed through Straweberrynet’s online portal.  Combined, SKUs between 50-200USD account for nearly 80% of all 50ml anti-agers. L'Oréal Groupe and Estée Lauder Cos Inc are the largest suppliers available through Strawberrynet’s retail portal, accounting for nearly 30% of all SKUs, while the top ten suppliers account for 64% of all 50ml anti-ager SKUs available.

L’Oréal Groupe has the largest brand portfolio on offer at Strawberrynet

L’Oréal’s SKUs that are available through Strawberrynet are evenly spread above and below the average median price for 50ml anti-agers. The Lancôme brand accounted for 27% of all L’Oréal Groupe’s available SKUs, with a median SKU price of 128.6USD. Potential areas to challenge L’Oréal, through this retailer, exist at price points between SkinCeuticals and Helena Rubinstein at the higher-end, and between Vichy and Biotherm at the lower-end.

With Euromonitor’s Via, you can utilise over 30 million online SKUs across 40 countries and 1,500 retailers to unlock key strategic and tactical insights for your organisation. For more information on the e-commerce data we capture using Via across other industries, countries, retailers, and suppliers, as well as any questions relating to price gap analysis, please request a demonstration and read the full report  ‘Online Retailer Negotiations: Price Gaps & Opportunities'.

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