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Consumers Our insights cover everything from income, spending, behaviour and attitudes to demographic changes and household makeup. We help businesses anticipate consumer preferences and stay relevant long term.

Our Most Popular Analysis and Insights In 2021

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As 2021 ended, we’re looking back at our most popular white papers, webinars and e-books. From what the retail store in 2040 will look like to how the pandemic reshaped the world, we’re revealing our most-downloaded pieces of content over the past 12 months.

Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2021

Safety Obsessed, Workplaces in New Spaces and Phygital Reality are some of the trends we forecasted would influence business strategies last year. Find out how the pandemic created, influenced or accelerated each trend by downloading our white paper or listening to the webinar.

Understanding the Path to Purchase: 2021 Global Consumer Types

Some consumers are swayed by lower prices while others would pay a premium for eco-friendly products. Different marketing approaches work better for different consumer groups. This report helps you get to know the 10 consumer types and how to cater to them better.

Commerce 2040: The Future of the Store in a Digital World

From interactive shopping windows to immersive virtual experiences, the retail store of 2040 will be almost unrecognisable from today. What will the future of retail look like? Watch the on-demand recording now to find out.

Top 5 Digital Consumer Trends in 2021

Staying relevant has never been harder, given the rapid pace of innovation. To better compete, check out this webinar to understand the five most powerful tech-driven trends and how they redefined commerce.

The World Beyond the Pandemic

The pandemic changed how businesses operate and consumers live. While the road ahead will have many challenges, opportunities are emerging. Strategies that focus on being agile, people-centric, sustainable and digitally-focused will win. Explore what’s next.

How to Activate Consumer Trends Using E-Commerce Product Attribute Data

One of the top global consumer trends in 2021 (Safety Obsessed) is examined to show how companies can utilise e-commerce data to improve their online presence and performance. Read our e-book to ensure your product stays relevant online.

Quantifying Megatrends – Expanding Your Portfolio in the Right Places

Businesses are inundated with information on consumer trends, but being able to decipher what these trends mean and conceptualise can be a challenge. This webinar will help you prioritise investments and innovation efforts to inform strategic planning.

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