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Nicotine and Cannabis Explore thought-leadership and expert insights on the consumer behaviour, regulatory forces and cutting-edge innovation trends shaping the complex and rapidly developing nicotine and cannabis industries.

The Cannabis Review: Capturing the Past, Present and Future of Legal Cannabis

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At USD40.8 billion, the legal cannabis market remains a disruptive challenger in comparison to the scale of other CPG industries. The bulk of that value, some 72% in 2022, is derived from one market, the US, where adult-use cannabis is widely (though not federally) legalised.The Cannabis Review Chart 1.svgMeasuring a complex industry

Euromonitor International expert, Shane MacGuill, Head of Nicotine and Cannabis research, spoke recently to leading independent podcast The Cannabis Review about how we developed our research and analysis on the emerging legal cannabinoid space, how it interacts with other CPG industries and the future evolution of the European market.

Access the podcast to hear more about how we seek to measure and make sense of a rapidly evolving and unpredictable space, why we believe that cannabinoid products will increasingly address wider consumer needs, why decriminalisation will not be the final destination for European legalisation and why US brands may not make it big in (eventually) legal markets in Europe.

Learn more about the fast-moving legal cannabis industry in our report, World Market for Cannabis.


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