Away From Animals: Plant-Based, Cell-Cultured and More

June 2023

This umbrella report analyses Euromonitor International’s strategic theme Away From Animals: Plant-Based, Cell-Cultured and More, looking at the hot topics Analogues for Animal-Based Food, New Plant-Based Frontiers, Cell-Cultured Food and Plant-Based Challenges. This report also considers the drivers of the theme and its potential evolution, as well as outlining some key questions regarding its future.

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Key findings

Analogues for animal-based food are continuing to improve

Moving beyond just plant-based meat and plant-based milk substitutes, availability has now spread across categories to encompass foods such as plant-based snacks, ready meals and dairy alternatives (including cheese and yoghurt). Development and investments beyond core categories have increased, and products have vastly improved.

Plant-based products are expanding across new frontiers

Production techniques are moving beyond simply shaping/flavouring the best mix of texturised vegetable protein (for meat alternatives) or finding the best ingredient (almond, oat, etc) to create a milk facsimile; approaches such as blending and fermentation are addressing objections regarding taste, texture and usage.

Cell-cultured food is coming

The world’s largest market for processed meat - the US - is poised to allow cell-cultivated food for human consumption. This holds the potential to be the most accurate of all alternatives to meat, dairy and beyond.

Plant-based is facing greater challenges than ever before

Food price inflation has seen consumers cut back, as plant-based products are more expensive than animal-based alternatives. Alternatives’ health credentials are increasingly under fire, and perhaps most importantly an overheated launch environment meant many consumers have tried products which ultimately failed taste/texture expectations.

Increasing expense will drive alternative purchases

The debate over the environmental impact of animal-based foods will become more common as climate change has an ever-more negative impact on people's lives. Governments will increasingly promote plant-based alternatives as a necessity, and consumers will respond as animal-based foods become more expensive to purchase.

Key takeaways
Exploring Away From Animals: Plant-Based, Cell-Cultured and More
Drivers of Away From Animals: Plant-Based, Cell-Cultured and More
Away From Animals: Plant-Based, Cell-Cultured and More uncovered
More consumers come on board
Case study: Quorn launches Katsu fillets
Reaching the limiters - foods for flexitarians
Products proliferate to meet growing demand
Case study: Bored Cow brings non-animal but dairy to the milk alternatives aisle
New production processes promise better results
Poised to launch in the world’s number one processed meat market
Case study: Vow’s mammoth “drop” demonstrates possibilities
US approval may herald significant disruption
Plant-based meat sees US sales slow
Case study: Lypid PhytoFat moves plant-based closer to meat
Producers push to meet challenges
Key takeaways
Away From Animals: Plant-Based, Cell-Cultured and More: How to win
Evolution of Away From Animals: Plant-Based, Cell-Cultured and More
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