Bleisure and the Future of Work and Travel

November 2022

The ability to add leisure to a work trip - bleisure - has traditionally been an important growth opportunity in hospitality. The pandemic, however, has transformed bleisure dramatically. While business trips in the classic sense are still below pre-pandemic levels, corporate working policies have become more flexible while the individual interest in traveling remains. New technologies are enabling new possibilities to blur the lines of business and leisure, and hospitality players are adapting.

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Key Findings

Bleisure a key opportunity for hospitality players in post-pandemic travel

While bleisure has always been an important growth opportunity in travel, it has taken on a whole new meaning in the wake of the pandemic, generating excitement and possibilities for hospitality operators. While travel broadly remains hampered by ongoing economic challenges, there is a strong impulse from consumers, where possible, to combine leisure and work to make travel more affordable and accessible. With fewer classic business trips moving forward, consumers are leveraging technology and flexible working options to create those opportunities for themselves.

Short-term rentals bet big on bleisure

Many hospitality players added bleisure offerings during the pandemic as a substitute for the loss of business travel revenues. While hotels and travel intermediaries will continue to offer these features, short-term rental companies have gone further than other hospitality providers and made bleisure travel a core feature of their business model. Looking ahead, these companies will be indicators for the performance of the bleisure travel sector.

Broadening hospitality providers’ customer base

Unable to rely on business travel, hospitality providers have had to expand their target audience. Hotels are updating their foodservice operations to better address the needs of digital nomads and other remote workers. This is helping to create a more holistic view of hospitality, where hotels can serve their entire community instead of just travellers.

Co-operation between industry and government essential

The success of a bleisure destination will rely not just on attractiveness of the destination itself and the efforts of its hospitality industry, but also infrastructure such as reliable broadband. Government support is needed to make destinations more attractive and attainable for bleisure consumers through, for example, flexible visa arrangements. In order to succeed as a bleisure destination, accessibility and functionality are crucial. 

Bleisure travellers are highly engaged digital consumers

Simplicity and frictionless travel experiences are important for bleisure travellers who look towards innovative and integrated booking services and platforms to arrange bleisure opportunities. Personalised digital profiles, disruption-predicting technologies alongside real-time tools are not only driving efficiencies but reinforcing customer engagement and hassle-free travel.

A much wider secondary market creates opportunity for hospitality and beyond

Bleisure as an opportunity extends far beyond the traditional confines of hospitality. Bleisure seekers are high-value consumers for in-destination businesses. These consumers tend to stay in one place for longer periods of time, and may bring friends and family members along. Consumers are effectively transplanting their lives into a destination and need access to the same goods and services they typically need at home, on top of all the primary leisure spending opportunities.


Key findings
With business travel reduced, working consumers seek out options
Bleisure - what is it now, what are the opportunities?
A spectrum of emerging options for bleisure seekers, defined
New digital tools revolutionise the workplace, and events
Sweeping changes to company working policies since 2020
Shiseido funds overseas workcations as a benefit for employees in Hong Kong
What does all this mean for destinations?
Bleisure seekers are high-value spenders, experience-driven and digitally savvy
Selina expands rapidly on the promise of experience-driven bleisure
Measuring the size of the opportunity
Business models adapt to a new category of travel
Hotels turn empty rooms into flexible office packages
Hotels adjust foodservice priorities to attract bleisure travellers
Short-term rentals target remote workers
Airbnb helps destinations become remote working hubs
Corporate retreats drive growth for group bleisure travel
TUI connects bleisure travel with wellness
Travellers stay local as global tourism recovers from pandemic
Collaboration critical between industry and government
Busan, South Korea brands itself the "Best Bleisure City"
B leisure travellers are an opportunity for local bars and restaurants in-destination
Airlines will need to factor in bleisure travellers as they reconfigure their operations
Airlines will need to factor in bleisure travellers as they reconfigure their operations
airasia super-app combines all bleisure travellers’ needs in one super-app
Travel suppliers need to meet the demands of the “ bleisure family”
Competition sharpens the focus on smart booking platforms and super-apps a corporate booking platform accommodating bleisure
Digital as the vehicle for growth and engagement of bleisure  travellers
Seamless booking process is essential
Lufthansa and TripActions - tapping into the managed travel for SMEs
Mobile check-in and customer service most sought-after attributes for business travellers
Evolving business models help support bleisure service offerings
Growing domestic travel must be a key focus for booking platforms
Western Europe - ahead of the curve for MICE travel
Mytaverse : Changing business travel interactions with brands and destinations
Financial players join forces with travel operators which can appeal to bleisure consumers
Revolut - disrupting the disruptors in travel
Sustainability - pivoting towards new consumer needs
Key drivers form a foundation for future growth
Total global bleisure spend expected to more than double by 2027
Bleisure is a new normal in travel


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