Business dynamics: UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

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Jul 2018

The UAE is the easiest place to do business in the region. The small nation has emerged as being one of the wealthiest and most dynamic countries globally. The country's demographic dividend adds to its long-term competitiveness, but its low female workforce participation rate and heavy dependence on expatriates concern businesses. Although cuts in oil supply might limit infrastructural spending, the World Expo 2020 (to be hosted in Dubai), is driving infrastructure investment in the country.

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Business dynamics: UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

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Business Dynamics: United Arab Emirates


Chart 1 SWOT Analysis: The UAE


The easiest place to do business regionally
Chart 2 Overview of the Business Environment in The UAE


The least corrupt nation in MEA
Chart 3 Operational Risks in the UAE


Stock market index will continue to perform well in 2018
Chart 4 Finance in the UAE


The World Expo 2020 will continue to drive infrastructure investment
Chart 5 Case Study on Transport and Infrastructure: The UAE
Chart 6 Infrastructural Environment in the UAE


One of the highest levels of ICT adoption regionally
Chart 7 ICT Environment and Innovation in the UAE


Higher education rate was relatively high compared to its peers
Chart 8 Education and Skills in the UAE


Low unemployment rates
Chart 9 Case Study on Employment and Labour The UAE
Chart 10 An Overview of the Labour Market in the UAE