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Our Passport Economies research database helps redirect assumptions and uncover new opportunities with global insights on economic trends in 210 countries and 1,150 cities worldwide.

With intuitive navigation to millions of statistics and analysis on economic and business environment drivers, Passport Economies helps move your business forward with a stronger strategic direction.


Inform market entry strategies

Assess external drivers to help benchmark the most attractive countries and cities for growth, cluster markets that have similar business and operational environments and forecast how economic performance will change in the future.

Create detailed SWOT and  PEST analysis

Our research helps map business environment pull factors, identifying gaps, barriers and opportunities. Create an overview of factors for consideration, identifying how elements like government, economic conditions and raw materials impact and affect each other.

Manage risk with B2B economic insights

Analyse industry growth and profitability with insights on production, industry environments and business income for 177 industries across 90 countries.

Tailor growth strategies by region and city

Refine and prioritise how you approach an attractive market by analysing the industrial makeup, demographic composition, household income distribution and expenditure structures across 1,150 cities worldwide.

Put macro data into context

Our analysis delivers marketplace context, positioning our research from all other sources, particularly less structured “Big Data” from surveys, scan data and social monitoring tools.


  • More than 20 million statistics
  • 5,000+ indicators
  • Annual, quarterly and monthly indicators
  • 54 years of comparable data
  • 40 years of historic data and 15 years of forecasts
  • Growth rates, indices and per capita conversions
  • Up to 210 countries plus regional aggregates
  • 843 cities


  • Dashboards deliver a visual representation of category, company and channel performance to reveal future opportunities and threats 
  • Future Demographics reports examine changing population structures

  • City reports analyse key trends and developments in 126 major cities in terms of economy, consumer lifestyles, housing and transport and city environment

  • Industry reports explore the makeup of 177 industries across 18 countries covering areas such as buyers and suppliers, import and export, labour costs and firmographics

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