Cat Food in Asia Pacific

August 2022

Cat food has been recording impressive growth rates in Asia Pacific, even during the pandemic, with further sales increases expected over the forecast period. Ongoing premiumisation is a trend in the major markets of China and Japan, with Chinese owners increasingly seeing their cats as family member and consumers in Japan reaching more and more for cat treats both to indulge and interact with their feline companions.

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Key Findings

Cat food seeing dynamic growth

The pandemic has not had any major negative consequences for cat food in Asia Pacific. If anything, it has encouraged sales, given owners have spent more time with their cats during home seclusion or even acquired new cats as companions during lockdowns. Although continued lockdowns in parts of China could cause disruption to imports and logistics and inflationary pressures are building across the globe, growth rates were still holding up at the start of the forecast period.

Cat treats continue gaining in popularity in Japan

In spite of the popularity of the purée format in cat treats in Japan, Nippon Pet Food has launched a dry format under the name Combo Present. These dry-format cat treats come in a range of different types, each of which targets the specific health needs of cats, such as products for kittens, male/female cats, lower urinary tract care or dental health, with the line having been well-received by cat owners.

E-commerce now accounts for almost half of cat food sales

E-commerce continues to go from strength to strength as a distribution channel for cat food in Asia Pacific, accounting for almost half of sales in 2022. In China and South Korea, two of the region’s biggest markets, online sales now account for respective shares of 66% and 73%. While Chinese consumers can find particularly good deals at the Taobao 11.11 and 6.18 online shopping festivals, Asian pet owners generally have come to appreciate the convenience of the home delivery and affordable prices available via e-commerce.

Strong growth expected in 2022-2027

Very healthy value growth rates are expected to continue being seen in Asia Pacific cat food over the forecast period. Continued trends towards using prepared products in countries with lower per capita rates and ongoing premiumisation in some of the more mature markets are expected to ensure further year-on-year sales increases in the region in the coming years.

Key findings
Cat food in Asia Pacific recording very dynamic performances
Strong growth rates expected throughout the 2017-2027 period
China adds most new sales, but Indonesia records the most dynamic 2017-2022 CAGR
Cat treats and mixers most dynamic in Japan over 2017-2022
Premium and mid-priced products account for the bulk of new sales in 2017-2022
Growing cat populations helping to drive sales of cat food in Asia Pacific
Store-based retailing’s share still remains just above non-store retailing’s…
…but e-commerce is now the biggest single distribution channel
Most countries have a consolidated competitive landscape
Inaba Pet Food benefiting from the popularity of cat treats in Japan
Japan the main revenue generator for most of the top 10 players
Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial enters cat food with customised products
Continued strong growth expected for cat food in Asia Pacific
Cat treats and mixers will be driving growth in the Japanese cat food market
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China: Competitive and Retail Landscape
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Hong Kong, China: Competitive and Retail Landscape
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Vietnam: Competitive and Retail Landscape

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