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Food, Beverages and Tobacco Global Industry Overview

January 2023

This report analyses the performance of the food, beverages and tobacco industry globally and in the main markets. It examines data for production, market size, exports, imports, the main market players and number of companies. The briefing outlines the key trends shaping the industry and its future outlook, covering such aspects as costs, longlisting, legislation, commodities and ingredients.

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Key findings

Rising costs and decreasing disposable incomes

The war in Ukraine has led to global political and economical instability, putting food supply under threat due to increasing energy and raw material costs, ingredient shortages and disrupted supply chains. Consumer are also seeing decreases in disposable incomes.

Health and wellness

Increasing health concerns among consumers around the world are increasing demand for healthy foods and beverages with functional ingredients. Reflecting health concerns, plant-based diets are a fast-growing trend in developed countries. This is negatively impacting meat producers.

Sustainability and clean label

Sustainability, and specifically food production’s impact on the global climate, is rising in importance. Clear food labelling is increasingly important, as consumers are looking to identify environmentally sustainable products and want to know where their food is coming from. This trend is, however, largely confined to developed Western markets. Meanwhile, climate change is impacting harvests and increasing the risk of commodities being depleted.


Fast-paced lifestyles are the main driver behind rising demand for ready meals, a category that is set to record one of the highest increases among food and beverage producing industries over the forecast period. A growing range of such products are catering to the trend for healthy foods.

Examining four trends shaping the food, beverages and tobacco industry
Key trends impacting the food, beverages and tobacco industry in 2022
Food, beverages and tobacco industry exceeded pre-pandemic level in 2021
Production value outpaces pre-pandemic level due to significant price increases
China and US remain the global leaders in the industry
Markets gained from the end of pandemic but increasing costs put production under threat
Global exports grow due to restored supply chains, led by the US
China is the fastest growing importer of food and beverages globally
In China and the US, growing middle class drives the market expansion
Rising raw materials prices pressure the food, beverages and tobacco industry
Rising energy and wheat prices place a burden on food and beverages producers
American and Chinese giants keep the leadership in global market
Total number of companies declines due to consolidation
Low industry concentration reflects the market diversity and competition
Emerging markets are set to drive future production value growth
After recovering from the COVID-19 shock, production is set up to grow despite high inflation
Key future trends shaping the global industry
China: Industry’s growth slows down after post-COVID-19 recovery
Despite slowing growth rates, China is forecast largest absolute growth
US: Industry is expected to remain resilient during a period of global instability
The US food and beverage industry is driven by meat and dairy production
Japan: Industry is expected to record modest growth rates over the forecast period
The ageing Japanese population will shape demand for food and beverages
Indonesia: Increasing exports contribute to the industry’s positive performance
Fishing and vegetable and animal oil industries are driving Indonesian production
Germany: Growing exports are driving the industry
German industry’s challenge is to overcome increasing energy prices
India: Industry is expected to see rapid growth as the population expands
Increasing population and government support are boosting local manufacturing
Brazil: Industry is growing rapidly based on fast-developing meat production
Brazil is increasing its meat exports and gaining more foreign markets
France: Industry’s main pillar – meat products – is slowing down due to the meat-free trend
Local French meat market and exports are impacted by the plant-based trend
Italy: Industry is set up to see sales driven by tourism but hampered by inflation
Industry is developing due to increasing tourist flows, wine exports and new producers
Mexico: Meat production is set to see the largest absolute growth in the industry
Due to economic challenges, production of necessities will be essential for Mexico


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