Gardening in Western Europe

September 2020

The second largest retail market for gardening in the world, Western Europe has recorded a muted growth performance over 2014-2019. During the Coronavirus pandemic industry sales, led by horticulture products, are expected to record a significant spike due to new consumer demand. However, this recent boost to growth is likely to lose steam as economic circumstances and the progressive rollback of lockdown measures put pressure on consumer incomes and attention spans.

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Key Findings

Region to see spike in demand during Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Following a largely stagnant period for growth, Western Europe is expected to record a notable increase in sales of gardening during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is expected as consumers under shelter-in-place orders increasingly turn to the category as an alternative form of recreation and easily accessible home improvement.

Driven by indoor plants, horticulture sees boost in sales to new gardeners

During the COVID-19 pandemic, indoor plants are expected to record some of the fastest growth in value sales as rising numbers of new or casual consumers are drawn into the market. Through 2020, consumers are expected to take greater interest in plants’ value as a means to improve indoor spaces and as a leisurely pursuit.

Consumer interest in gardening likely to lose steam over forecast period

Over the duration of the 2019-2024 forecast period, however, new consumer interest is likely to lose momentum as pressure mounts on consumer incomes and attention spans. Total sales are likely to expand at a 1% CAGR with absolute growth of USD938 million

E-commerce adoption to accelerate following COVID-19 pandemic

Across markets consumers under shelter-in-place orders gained a significant amount of experience with e-commerce and other digital tools in order to shop safely. This experience is likely to translate into increased willingness to consider e-commerce as a viable channel for future gardening purchases.



Key findings

Regional Overview

Historic period sees stagnation in region’s gardening spending
New gardening interest from locked down consumers to boost growth
UK indoor plants lead gardening category growth
Indoor plant sales to new gardeners to accelerate
French growth constrained by lagging garden care
Robotic lawn mowers to advance over traditional products
Store-based specialists retain share while e-commerce gains
E-commerce to advance on rising consumer confidence

Leading Companies and Brands

Leading players expected to advance following pandemic
After private label boost to horticulture, Husqvarna leads with robotics
Wolf Garten leads growth on strong UK and German performance

Forecast Projections

Region to see broad sales growth in 2020
Organic boost to gardening demand likely to wane

Country Snapshots

Germany: market context
Germany: competitive and retail landscape
UK: market context
UK: competitive and retail landscape
France: market context
France: competitive and retail landscape
Italy: market context
Italy: competitive and retail landscape
Spain: market context
Spain: competitive and retail landscape
Netherlands: market context
Netherlands: competitive and retail landscape
Sweden: market context
Sweden: competitive and retail landscape
Switzerland: market context
Switzerland: competitive and retail landscape
Turkey: market context
Turkey: competitive and retail landscape

Appendix: Competitor Analytics

Competitor Analytics tool
Market overlap
Overlap matrices

Appendix: Industry Forecast Model

About Euromonitor International’s Industry Forecast Model
Soft drivers and the Industry Forecast Model
Growth decomposition explained
Significance and applications for growth decomposition
Key applications for Industry Forecast Models

Appendix: Via Pricing

About Via Pricing from Euromonitor International

Home and Garden

This project has a strict focus on sales to consumers only. Trade and professional sales are excluded. Home and garden refers to gardening, home improvement, homewares and home furnishings.



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