Global Overview of the Furniture Industry

October 2021

This briefing examines how the furniture industry is performing globally and in the largest countries in terms of furniture output. The report also provides data for production, market size, imports, exports, industry costs, industry profitability and number of companies. The industry and market overviews provide benchmarks against other countries in the region.

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Key Findings

Industry 4 high on the agenda

Integration of digital technologies in the furniture industry is expected to contribute to mass customisation, better manufacturing flexibility and speed, and increased productivity.


Changing consumer preferences and buying habits will shift more furniture production companies to use digital channels for sales. Furniture companies will continue to invest in e-commerce solutions in order to meet their customers’ needs and to diversify sales risk. CGI (computer-generated imagery) and AR (augmented reality) technologies will further enhance the online shopping experience.

Transformation of supply chains

The outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic had a severe impact on the furniture industry’s global supply chains. This created the need for investment in the transformation of supply chains through digitalisation, sustainable practices and reshoring, in order to increase flexibility and availability, and decrease costs.


The furniture industry is moving towards more sustainable production. As a result, the usage of recyclable and easily available materials will become a priority. The industry is, therefore, set to be more regulated, creating future growth opportunities that are expected to significantly reduce energy costs.


Examining four trends shaping the furniture industry
COVID-19: Impact on furniture
Furniture global production to grow gradually over 2020-2025, supported by B2B demand
Global furniture production value to fully recover in 2021
China and US continue to dominate, with India and Vietnam growing rapidly
Sustainability regulations threaten to increase costs
Poland and Vietnam emerging as leading exporters globally
US and Western Europe remains key import markets, while Asian economies are on the rise
Increased B2B demand and consumer incomes drive market growth in developing countries
US companies lead the global list, with strong market shares in specific sectors
Total number of companies declines due to rising cost pressures
Industry concentration to increase due to rising production input costs
China, India and US to drive future production value growth
Eastern Europe and Asia forecast to recover swiftly from the COVID-19 shock
Key future trends shaping the global furniture industry
China: Industry to quickly return to pre COVID-19 levels
China’s growing middle class to drive furniture demand
US: Industry to recover rapidly due to the strong economic rebound
Innovation to drive the industry’s growth in the US market
Germany: Industry forecast sustained growth over the forecast period
Quality and innovation to consolidate the industry’s global competitiveness
Italy: Industry to recover from the sharp decline during the health crisis
High-end design and emerging e-commerce presence to nurture the industry’s growth
India: Domestic demand for furniture to contribute to overcoming the slight decline
Domestic demand is growing, while export potential has yet to be realised
South Korea: Industry remains resilient to the COVID-19 shock
South Korean furniture industry to witness growing domestic demand
Poland: The industry to quickly overcome the slight decline caused by the health crisis
Polish furniture industry is projected to grow as domestic and foreign demand is increasing
Vietnam: The industry will strengthen its position in the global furniture export market
Global changes in supply chains to benefit Vietnamese furniture industry
Japan: The furniture industry is set to witness a decline over the forecast period
Weak economic development to contribute to reduced domestic demand for furniture
Indonesia: Domestic demand to support furniture turnover growth
Expanding middle class to support sales of higher quality furniture


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