Global Overview of the Furniture Industry

August 2022

This briefing examines how the furniture industry is performing globally and in the largest countries in terms of furniture output. The report also provides data for production, market size, imports, exports, industry costs, industry profitability and number of companies.

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Key Findings

Supply chain localisation

Surging shipping costs, persisting supply chain bottlenecks and deteriorating trade relations between global superpowers have a severe impact on the furniture industry’s global supply chains. This trend creates the need for investment in the transformation of supply chains through digitalisation, sustainable practices and reshoring, in order to increase flexibility and availability, and decrease costs.

Industry 4.0 high on the agenda

Incorporation of digital technologies in the furniture industry is expected to contribute to better manufacturing flexibility and speed, mass customisation and increased productivity.


The furniture industry is moving towards more sustainable production. As a result, the usage of recyclable and easily available materials may become a priority. The industry is, therefore, set to be more regulated, creating future growth opportunities that are expected to significantly reduce energy costs.


Changing consumer preferences and buying habits are shifting more furniture production companies to use digital channels for sales. Furniture companies will continue to invest in e-commerce solutions in order to meet their customers’ needs and to diversify sales risk. CGI (computer-generated imagery) and AR (augmented reality) technologies will further enhance the online shopping experience.

Examining four trends shaping the furniture industry
Key trends impacting the industry in 2021
Furniture global production to grow gradually over the outlook, supported by B2B demand
After swift recovery from the COVID-19 shock, furniture industry to maintain growth
China and USA continue to dominate global industry, with Italy recording a quick recovery
Companies are expected to increase prices due to rising cost pressures
Eastern European countries among the leading exporters globally
Supply chain localisation could provide new trade opportunities for emerging economies
Persisting consumer demand drives market expansion in Europe
Rising energy, metal and wood prices pressure furniture industry
Rising metal and energy prices forecast to peak in 2022
US companies continue to dominate the global furniture production list
Challenges for companies persist amid rising cost pressures
Industry concentration to increase amid rising costs
China, India and Turkey to drive future production value growth
Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia forecast to record among the fastest growth rates
Key future trends shaping the global industry
China: Growth in turnover in current terms to accelerate in the medium term
While domestic demand is increasing, exports face unprecedent challenges
USA: Current growth rate to be slower over the outlook compared to other major economies
Global increase in raw material prices threatens near-term furniture industry’s performance
Italy: Industry to maintain solid turnover growth based on current terms
Demand for luxury furniture and recovery of automotive sector to nurture industry’s growth
Germany: Subdued near-term growth due to rising input costs
Long-term growth to be supported by high demand for kitchen and automotive furniture
India: Rapid increase in turnover on the back of expanding domestic demand
Sustainability to shape the future of Indian furniture industry
Poland: Robust export flows to support industry’s growth
Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupts Polish supply chains
South Korea: Domestic demand for furniture to uplift the industry’s growth prospects
Supply chain bottlenecks to pose risk for future industry’s growth
Vietnam: Industry strengthens its position in the global furniture export market
Labour shortages and surging shipping costs present risks for Vietnam’s furniture industry
Turkey: Furniture industry to record strong turnover growth in current terms
Increasing export volumes to uplift furniture industry’s growth
The UK: Industry’s turnover in current terms to reach pre-pandemic levels only in 2023
Supply chain bottlenecks and surging inflation to hamper the industry’s recovery


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