Hair Care in Latin America

June 2021

Hair care sales continued to decline in Latin America in 2020, but not at a much faster rate than a year earlier. While products like salon professional hair care and styling agents experienced a major drop in sales due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), shampoos maintained their year-earlier performance and conditioners and treatments even grew. Hair care will record positive growth from 2021, with sales returning to pre-pandemic levels as soon as 2022.

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Key findings

Declining sales over the historic period

While many countries in the region were recording positive growth in the years prior to 2020, sales of hair care in Brazil and Argentina were in decline for much of the historic period. Brazilian consumers’ disposable incomes had still not fully recovered from the 2015-2016 economic crisis, while Argentina was suffering at the hands of a prolonged recession.

COVID-19 influences hair care in 2020

The presence of the pandemic in the region had a major effect on hair care sales in 2020, with most countries, and the region as a whole, recording worse performances in this year. However, with Brazil actually managing to record positive growth in 2020, with consumers buoyed by government support, this offset much of the losses seen elsewhere. In the individual categories, salon professional hair care sales were hit by the closure of salons during lockdowns, while styling agents suffered from home seclusion and the loss of social occasions.

Consumers looking for natural ingredients

Consumers are increasingly looking for natural ingredients as well as formulations that are free from substances considered harmful, such as parabens, sulphates and silicones. Consumers are also becoming more concerned about their hair and scalp health and are more frequently looking for products to address specific concerns, such as moisturising, damage repair, hair regrowth/hair loss prevention or scalp treatments.

Positive growth expected in the forecast period

The post-pandemic period is expected to see positive annual growth rates being recorded by hair care in Latin America. With salons reopening and a resumption of social occasions, this will see a recovery in sales of salon professional hair care and styling agents. Shampoos and conditioners and treatments, as the biggest categories, will be the major growth drivers over 2020-2025.


Key findings

Regional Overview

Latin America’s hair care sales post the worst regional decline
Latin America to see positive annual growth throughout 2020-2025
Brazil returns to positive growth in 2020
Big sales dips for salon professional hair care and styling agents in 2020
Brazilian losses shape the overall 2015-2020 performance…
…but Brazil’s performance helps offset losses elsewhere in 2020
Grocery retailers lead in terms of hair care retail distribution
E-commerce makes gains in 2020, but remains behind direct selling

Leading Companies and Brands

Top three players account for more than half of hair care retail value
Unilever extends its lead
Brazil and Mexico the main revenue generators for the leading players
Sunsilk remains the leading brand

Forecast Projections

After a difficult 2015-2020 period…
…hair care is expected to see positive growth in the forecast period
Increasing GDP per capita a key growth factor

Country Snapshots

Argentina: Market Context
Argentina: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Bolivia: Market Context
Bolivia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Brazil: Market Context
Brazil: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Chile: Market Context
Chile: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Colombia: Market Context
Colombia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Costa Rica: Market Context
Costa Rica: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Dominican Republic: Market Context
Dominican Republic: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Ecuador: Market Context
Ecuador : Competitive and Retail Landscape
Guatemala: Market Context
Guatemala: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Mexico: Market Context
Mexico: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Peru: Market Context
Peru: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Uruguay: Market Context
Uruguay: Competitive and Retail Landscape


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