Hand Sanitisers: The Story Ahead

August 2022

Hand sanitisers will remain relevant globally thanks to COVID-19. North America and Europe remain the largest markets, but emerging markets such as Middle East and Africa see the highest growth, benefiting from the offer of on-the-go frequent hygiene for cleanliness and illness/disease prevention. Aided by government, health institutions, organisations, brands and consumer awareness, a wide range of well-regulated, efficient formulas at various prices will increase hand sanitisers’ penetration.

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Key Findings

Hand sanitisers to remain an integral part of a new normal due to increased awareness

The COVID-19 pandemic led to increased focus on sanitising. Governments, healthcare institutions and hygiene companies ensured they conveyed the message to consumers and businesses on how crucial washing hands, sanitising hands, and disinfecting the environment around people is for prevention of severe breakouts of illnesses and diseases.

Emerging markets such as Middle East and Africa to provide growth opportunities

While North America and Western Europe accounted for the largest market sizes in value terms for hand sanitisers, emerging market countries of Middle East and Africa are set to see the highest growth opportunities. As the variety of hand sanitisers increases, it is expected to become more convenient to purchase in terms of availability and various price points.

Convenient, on-the-go sanitising for hygiene needs and preventing illnesses

Consumers will use hand sanitisers for quickly cleaning hands regularly to avoid getting sick frequently. With countries with water shortages and unavailability of resources, governments and organisations such as WHO raise awareness and ensure readily available, easy-to-purchase hand sanitiser at competitive price points. This will lead to overall better control of hygiene and disease outbreaks, and may contribute to control in healthcare costs as well.

While demand stabilises, habit persistence and awareness influence demand

While peaks for liquid hand soaps and hand sanitisers usually happen during outbreaks of illnesses and diseases, and consumers do not expect any severe ones like COVID-19 again soon, the growth rate during the forecast period is expected to slow down naturally compared to 2020. However, being more prepared, consumer awareness of overall hygiene and habit persistence of daily sanitiser usage will be the largest drivers to influence future demand.

Value creation, pandemic effects have the greatest impact on hand sanitisers in Middle East and Africa
Hand sanitisers remain an important part of maintaining personal hygiene
Hygiene hyper-focus among consumers boosts demand for complementary products
Habit persistence drives frequent hand sanitiser usage, complementing handwashing
Emerging markets in Middle East and Africa and Latin America offer strong opportunities
Middle East and Africa sees a surge in product variety
Middle Eastern consumers use hand sanitisers for protection
Hand sanitiser benefits as a ready-to-use antiseptic solution in Africa
Hand sanitisers in MEA to witness steady rise in per capita after COVID-19
Hypermarkets and supermarkets is the key distribution channel for hand sanitisers in MEA
Top 10 claims in hand sanitisers are focused towards holistic health and wellness
Well-established brands in bath and shower lead within hand sanitisers
The wide variety of well-known and available hand sanitiser brands encourage daily usage
Private label in Middle East and Africa
Wide-scale distribution continues for holistic omnichannel approach
Growing increase in variety through format, pack size and types
United Arab Emirates: Deep dive
Consumers to remain conscious shoppers due to inflationary pressure
Dettol’s health-centric portfolio continues to expand
Gojo Industries’ Purell increases footprint from institutional channel to end-consumer spaces
Lifebuoy in emerging market regions like Africa increases awareness
Localisation through regional brands
Monobrand store brand Bath & Body Works makes products fun
Avalon Pharma Saudi Arabia’s diversified portfolio for holistic health
Rosemeticq organic rosewater-based hand sanitiser in the United Arab Emirates
Byredo rinse-free hand wash provides further diversity to hand sanitiser products
Prevention and illness treatment trend to boost sales opportunities
Challenges and competition to stem from local influences and cheaper alternatives
Brands to remain focused on key functions in hand sanitiser
Purpose-led brands for holistic health and wellness for people and planet
Key takeaways and implications

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