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Elvio Andrade

Elvio Andrade Research Manager Home and Tech

Consumer Appliances​ | Consumer Electronics | Home Care​ | Tissue and Hygiene​ | Home and Garden​ | Toys and Games


About Elvio

Elvio is a Research Manager at Euromonitor International with a focus on home and technology industries. Based in Vilnius, he has more than 12 years of experience in these industries. 

Elvio leads Euromonitor’s syndicated research for consumer appliances, consumer electronics, home care, home and garden, tissue and hygiene and toys and games products in Eastern European, CIS and Scandinavian markets, covering a total of 25 countries.

Elvio advises clients across these industries, alerting them to key trends and their impact across national markets, providing insight and understanding of their influence on consumer purchasing habits.

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