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Radhika Singal

Radhika Singal Consultant

Beauty and Fashion​ | Health and Wellness​ | Digital Disruptors​ | Sustainability


About Radhika

Radhika is a Consultant at Euromonitor International with a focus on beauty and fashion research. Based in Singapore, she has more than 13 years of industry experience. 

Radhika is focused on developing thought leadership through strong client engagement and strategy support, to evolve Euromonitor’s beauty and fashion offering, which provides strategic insights and tactical solutions across 100+ markets worldwide. 

Radhika advises clients across beauty and fashion industries on in-depth consumer insights, key industry trends, competitive intelligence, and shifting consumer preferences in the light of digital innovation, conscious consumerism, and increased focus on health and wellbeing. In the extensive course of her career, Radhika has worked in qualitative and quantitative research across consumer goods.