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Juice in Asia Pacific

March 2023

Health concerns are influencing the performances of the various juice products across Asia Pacific, with NFC 100% juice, for example, seeing dynamic growth in a number of countries, albeit often from a still low sales base, thanks to its healthy image. Some of the most dynamic markets can currently be found on the Indian subcontinent, while Japanese performances are struggling in the face of a declining birth rate, given children have traditionally been the main target market for juice in Japan.

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Key findings

Juice drinks still dominate sales

While, for some, juice is increasingly being seen as an unhealthy product, given its potentially high sugar content, even if they are natural sugars, for others, juice remains a healthier alternative to other soft drinks like carbonates. NFC 100% juice has been seeing particularly strong growth in a number of countries, including China, given this is seen as juice in its purest, and therefore healthiest, form. However, reconstituted products still dominate 100% juice sales, while juice drinks, in turn, remains the dominant product in the overall juice category.

Nestlé launches new sparkling juice products in Pakistan

In 2022, the Nestlé Fruita Vitals range was extended with two new sparkling juice options, with Nestlé thereby pioneering a new product area within Pakistan’s juice market. Meeting with a good reception among consumers, it added another new flavour over the course of the rest of the year, with Citropak then also launching sparkling fruit drinks in a variety of flavours under its Fuitien brand.

E-commerce share grows during the pandemic but remains small

Small local grocers remains the single biggest distribution channel in Asia Pacific juice sales, although modern grocery retailers as a whole account for more than half of sales. E-commerce generally benefited from the pandemic, helping to further boost this channel’s share of sales, although this still stood at less than 6% regionally in 2022, albeit reaching a regionwide-high of 26% in South Korea, where it has displaced convenience stores as the leading distribution channel.

Positive growth expected over 2022-2027

Although the Chinese and Japanese markets are expected to be recording negative CAGRs over the forecast period, the dynamism elsewhere, particularly in India and China, will be enough to ensure juice will be able to post a respectable overall regional CAGR of just over 2% over 2022-2027.

Key findings
Asia Pacific has the greatest sales of juice globally
Annual growth rates expected to gradually improve in the coming years
Health concerns hitting juice sales in some countries
India, Pakistan and Vietnam record the most dynamic CAGRs in 2017-2022
Major decline in juice drinks sales in China in 2017-2022
Rising health consciousness a key factor in the juice market
Small grocery retailers the biggest single distribution channel in Asia Pacific
E-commerce sees strong growth during the pandemic but still holds a small share
National competitive landscapes often quite concentrated
Nestlé pioneers the new sparkling juice category in Pakistan
More than half of the top 10 players generate the bulk of their sales in China
Coca-Cola’s Minute Maid remains the clear number one juice brand in Asia Pacific
Positive growth expected in the region in 2022-2027…
…driven in particular by dynamic performances in India and Pakistan
China: Market Context
China: Competitive and Retail Landscape
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Hong Kong, China: Competitive and Retail Landscape
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Vietnam: Competitive and Retail Landscape

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