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Juice in Western Europe

February 2023

This briefing examines juice in Western Europe. It looks at the various factors that affect the category, as well as looking at recent examples of innovation and related consumer trends. It assesses the positioning and performance of different companies and brands within the region, as well as outlining prospects for the category. Finally, there is a section that delves deeper into each individual country, establishing market context and the competitive landscape.

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Key Findings

Difficult operating environment for juice category endures

A variety of factors poses a significant challenge to juices. It is difficult for the category to escape its unhealthy perception due to an association with high sugar content, with many now seeking to reduce their sugar intake to live healthier lifestyles. Also, the category faces competition from other drinks such as flavoured water, as well as a challenge from the rise of breakfast on the go (impacting a key consumption time for juice) and from juicing stations.

Some innovation in the category that speaks to consumer trends

There are several examples of new products in Western Europe that tie in with consumer demands and that can be seen as an attempt to mitigate the long-term declines in the category. Recent launches have included more exotic flavours that focus on non-breakfast consumption occasions. Innovation has also seen the incorporation of functional ingredients (often in shot format, such as added vitamins) as well as those that use premium ingredients or that have sustainable or organic credentials.

Private label brands have a large role, amidst several major brands

Private label brands occupy a notable share in most markets, especially in larger countries such as Germany and the UK. In general, while companies such as Coca-Cola, Eckes-Granini and Tropicana do have a presence, country markets are generally quite diverse with many players present. Private label brands have seen a challenge in recent times to keep prices low, given the rising costs of production and the issue this poses to operating margins.

The juice category faces an uncertain future

The future for the juice category is not positive, with reductions expected for the majority of markets and across categories. It will be tough to fight the unhealthy perception of juice. The development of products using exotic flavours, with functional ingredients or offers in shot format can be deployed to tackle declines. Indeed, a gap for juice appears in their inclusion in at-home drinking experiences, however, it will be difficult to overcome the challenges.

Key findings
Recent years see reductions for juice in Western Europe in off-trade volumes
Negative annual growth continues following the 2020 exception
Negative growth appears across categories and countries
Coconut water sees positive CAGR amidst a sea of declines
France seeing the greatest decline in actual size of off-trade volumes
Only juice drinks sees any off-trade volume growth in 2022
100% juice the largest category within juice in Western Europe
Channel shares remain broadly similar, with increases in the small e-commerce channel
Tropicana and Innocent bring product innovation in juice
Plenty of innovations that speak to popular consumer trends
Unit prices increase for all juice categories
Private label strong in a diversified market for juice
Negative period for Tropicana between 2017 and 2022, while Coca-Cola increases share
Largest companies present across a number of markets
Innocent’s rise evident between 2017 and 2022
Challenging picture for juice during the forecast period
How can juice brands mitigate declines?
Belgium: Market context
Belgium: Competitive and retail landscape
Austria: Market context
Austria: Competitive and retail landscape
Denmark: Market context
Denmark: Competitive and retail landscape
Finland: Market context
Finland: Competitive and retail landscape
France: Market context
France: Competitive and retail landscape
Germany: Market context
Germany: Competitive and retail landscape
Greece: Market context
Greece: Competitive and retail landscape
Ireland: Market context
Ireland: Competitive and retail landscape
Italy: Market context
Italy: Competitive and retail landscape
Netherlands: Market context
Netherlands: Competitive and retail landscape
Norway: Market context
Norway: Competitive and retail landscape
Portugal: Market context
Portugal: Competitive and retail landscape
Spain: Market context
Spain: Competitive and retail landscape
Sweden: Market context
Sweden: Competitive and retail landscape
Switzerland: Market context
Switzerland: Competitive and retail landscape
Turkey: Market context
Turkey: Competitive and retail landscape
UK: Market context
UK: Competitive and retail landscape

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