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Laundry Care in Asia Pacific

February 2023

Laundry care continued to record positive, if relatively modest, growth in 2022. Liquid detergents are generally taking sales from powder detergents across the region, with liquid tablet detergents the most dynamic category in most countries. While industry players are struggling with rising costs, they are finding it difficult to pass them on to consumers, who are faced with an inflationary environment in nearly all areas of their daily lives.

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Key findings

Indonesians like innovations, but do not want to pay more for them

Indonesian consumers welcome innovation, but are not keen to pay more for it. The pandemic made antibacterial properties a desired property, with other popular additional features including new fragrances and hypoallergenic qualities. While manufacturers continue to release new products incorporating such innovations, most Indonesians are still not willing to upgrade to these new products if it involves a price increase. Discounts and bundles are therefore used to help launch new releases at similar prices to previous products.

Consumers look for more sophisticated products as well as natural ingredients

In 2022, there was increasing demand among Chinese consumers for laundry care products with add-on and segmented features to satisfy their’ more sophisticated needs, such as upgraded multifunctional liquid tablet detergents or laundry sanitiser exclusively for underwear. Clean, natural and green ingredients are also increasingly appealing to consumers looking to lead healthy lifestyles.

E-commerce helps to keep prices down in China

In spite of the soaring costs of raw materials and logistics, prices are not going up in China, as shown by this country recording positive volume growth, but declining sales in real value terms. The strength of e-commerce (32% share in China), particularly the further penetration of budget-friendly online stores such as Pinduoduo, is putting downward pressure on prices. Major offline retailers, in turn, especially supermarkets and hypermarkets, are also running strong promotional campaigns for fear of losing sales and customers to online competitors, which is further exacerbating the already heated price competition.

Further growth expected

Laundry care is expected to continue growing over the forecast period. Liquid detergents will continue gaining share from powder detergents, and liquid tablet detergents will continue to see dynamic growth. However, lower-income or older consumers will likely take more persuading to ditch their powder, or even bar and hand wash, detergents.

Key findings
Asia Pacific has the highest regional laundry care sales, but ranks sixth in per capita terms
Laundry care will see positive growth throughout 2017-2027
Laundry detergents dominate laundry care sales
Dynamic growth for other laundry aids in China in 2017-2022
Carpet cleaners remains a very small category in Asia Pacific laundry care
Antibacterial claims and trend towards more natural products
Small local grocers the leading distribution channel
E-commerce continues gaining share in 2022
Top five players account for upwards of 50% of sales in most Asia Pacific markets
Unilever gaining share again in 2022
Unilever and Procter & Gamble have a widespread regional presence
Ariel moves into second place in 2022, displacing former leader Liby
China will slow the overall regional performance over the forecast period
Liquid tablet detergents will continue to be the most dynamic category over 2022-2027
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