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Three Ways To Get Your Business Into the Metaverse

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As the metaverse explodes to a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity, early comers will be the ones to reap the benefits. But how exactly can businesses get into the metaverse? Listen to Euromonitor's consumer expert, Jana Rude, lay out three potential paths for businesses on a scale of "cautious" to "all in."

Metaverse, or the highly interactive three-dimensional virtual world, has emerged as a hype of 2021-2022. This movement blurs the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds. It builds upon the consumers' strive for experiences, growing adoption of all-things-digital, and developing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) tech capabilities.

Sound exciting? Learn more about building a metaverse strategy for your business or how the metaverse fits into our Top 10 Global Consumer Trends of 2022.
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