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Protein-Meeting Lifestyle Demand

February 2023

Protein is becoming increasingly sought after due to its health benefits; with higher protein consumption being linked to overall well-being. This report explores how a growing number of manufacturers are including protein in products that are previously not associated with being high in protein (eg breakfast cereal and pasta); and highlight the high levels of protein in products that are known to be a source of protein. It also identifies opportunities for innovation within this space.

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Key Findings

Changing lifestyles drive demand

Changing consumer behaviour and environments are driving the growth of protein demand, particularly among big economies such as North America and Western Europe. Urbanisation, westernisation of diets, population growth, expanding middle class and increased disposable incomes are all drivers of growth in these markets. The increase in frequency of exercise and overall health and wellness trends are also behind increased protein consumption globally.

Health concerns drive growth

Health concerns are a key concern behind the growth in protein consumption. Protein has been known to keep one fuller for longer and to build muscle/body strength. It is also one of the key ingredients of a balanced diet in order to promote overall health and wellbeing. However, with the high prices of meat and dairy, consumers are also seeking other forms of protein in the form of eggs, beans, peas and soy.

MEA offers opportunity to combat malnutrition

Although Asia Pacific is the biggest contributor to purchases of protein in packaged foods, the Middle East and Africa offers the biggest potential in terms of future growth. With the magnitude and severity of malnutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa, food companies have partnered with NGOs and governments in a quest for a Zero Hunger future. Many companies are looking to fortifying local staple food products with added protein, vitamins and minerals in order to increase the nutritional value of the product and keep consumers fuller for longer.

Opportunity through outcome- specific protein

There is an opportunity for increased innovation in terms of proteins that address a specific need such as energy balance, weight loss, muscle repair and satiety are all areas of growth potential for manufacturers to drive future sales of protein-based products. A number of leading multinational packaged food companies are focusing on the addition of protein in their new product development strategies.

Key findings
Protein inclusion is seen in a wider range of products to meet consumer demand
Types of protein and protein content per 100g
Eggs show growth as protein source due to affordability and versatility
“High protein” claim ranks among the top five health claims across all regions
Middle East and Africa shows the strongest growth in overall protein purchases
Price continues to play the biggest role in protein selection
New launches address consumer demand for clean, nutrient-dense and indulgence bars
Mondelez International secures protein/energy bar lead thanks to recent acquisitions
RXBar AM offers a convenient, protein-dense snack which integrates into consumer routines
High protein diets popular for those seeking a healthier lifestyle
Packaged food giants increase “high protein” claims as consumer demand increases
Millennials and Gen Z consumers drive demand for high protein gym-friendly products
Females seek to add more protein in their diet across all regions
Consumers seek healthy balance with all-in-one products
Breakfast cereals a key growth area for “high protein” innovation
Growing demand for protein in Sub-Saharan Africa to help combat malnutrition
Growing availability of protein-rich products to help alleviate malnutrition
New protein sources provide different culinary experiences
Plant-based proteins offer a more sustainable solution to high protein demands
Demand for on-the-go snacking boosts innovation of high protein plant-based snacks
Industry and consumers agree - sustainability and health will highly impact the future
Rising global inflation will see consumers demanding affordable protein-dense products
Key opportunities for manufacturers
Key takeaways

Health and Wellness

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