Recruitment Agencies in India: ISIC 7491

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Mar 2018

Industry forecast to see 9% CAGR over 2016-2021, driven by new job creation, talent shortage and implementation of digital technologies

India’s female labour force participation rate remains low

Government support for new job creation and digital technologies sustains industry growth

Industry’s turnover grows by 7% in 2016 to INR456.4 billion

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Recruitment Agencies in India: ISIC 7491

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Indian government fighting with a gap between job creation and job seekers
Industry expected to be driven by continuing implementation of digital technologies
Female labour force participation rate remains low

Competitive Landscape

Shortage of skilled workforce remains major driver for Indian recruitment agencies

Industry Overview

Chart 1 Production vs Nominal GDP 2001–2021
Table 1 Key Industry Indicators 2011–2016
Table 2 Key Industry Indicators: Annual Growth 2012–2016

Industry Sectors

Chart 2 Industry Sectors’ Growth Indices 2001–2021
Table 3 Production by Sector: Value 2011–2016
Table 4 Production by Sector: Annual Growth 2012–2016
Table 5 Production by Sector: Share of Total 2011–2016


Table 6 Industry Leaders: Company Production Shares in 2016

Import and Export

Chart 3 Import vs Export Growth 2001-2016
Table 7 Import and Export 2011–2016

Market and Buyers

Table 8 Key Market Indicators 2011–2016
Table 9 Key Market Indicators: Annual Growth 2012–2016

B2B Buyers

Table 10 B2B Sales Structure 2011–2016
Table 11 B2B Sales Structure: Annual Growth 2012–2016
Table 12 B2B Sales Structure: Share of Total 2011–2016

Key B2B Buyer Analysis

Road Passenger and Freight Transport
Chart 4 Production vs GDP 2001–2021
Chart 5 Costs vs Spending on Recruitment Agencies 2001–2016
Table 13 Key Statistics 2011–2016
Computer and Related Services
Chart 6 Production vs GDP 2001–2021
Chart 7 Costs vs Spending on Recruitment Agencies 2001–2016
Table 14 Key Statistics 2011–2016


Chart 8 Supply Structure (Rs million, in 2016)
Table 15 Supply Structure 2011–2016
Table 16 Supply Structure: Annual Growth 2012–2016
Table 17 Supply Structure:Share of Total 2011–2016

Labour Costs

Chart 9 Number of Employees vs Average Salary 2001–2016
Chart 10 Output per Employee vs Average Salary 2001–2016
Table 18 Key Statistics 2011–2016

B2B Suppliers

Table 19 B2B Supliers 2011–2016
Table 20 B2B Suppliers: Annual Growth 2012–2016
Table 21 B2B Suppliers: Share of Total 2011–2016

Key B2B Suppliers Statistics

Restaurants, Bars and Canteens
Chart 11 Production vs GDP 2001–2021
Chart 12 Expenditure Dynamics 2001–2016
Table 22 Key Statistics 2011–2016
Computers and Office Machinery
Chart 13 Production vs GDP 2001–2021
Chart 14 Price and Expenditure Dynamics 2001–2016
Table 23 Key Statistics 2011–2016

Industry Attractiveness Index

Chart 15 Attractiveness Index of Recruitment Agencies Among Other India Industries
Chart 16 Binary Diagram of Attractiveness Index
Table 24 Attractiveness Index Composition

Attractiveness Index: Explanation

Future Outlook

Table 25 Forecasts 2017–2022


Recruitment Agencies
Personnel Supply
Employment Agencies