Sports Nutrition in Western Europe

December 2022

Following the sales decline in 2020 against a backdrop of gym closures and lockdowns due to the pandemic, a recovery was seen in 2021 as vaccination programmes rolled out across Western Europe, with stronger growth then being recorded in 2022 as society was finally returning to normality. A dynamic performance is expected over the forecast period, with most areas of sports nutrition, and particularly sports protein powder, recording stronger CAGRs in 2022-2027 than over the historic period.

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Key findings

New fat/salt/sugar labelling regulations

Argentina has introduced new labelling regulations stipulating that products containing certain ingredients in quantities exceeding parameters set by the Pan American Health Organization must display black octagons on their packaging with statements such as “Excess Saturated Fats”, “Excess Sodium”, “Excess Sugar” and/or “Excess Calories”. The legislation should drive the development of new health-orientated products that contain fewer artificial additives and preservatives and have reduced levels of fat, salt, sugar etc. The similar black seals system in Mexico has already seen Unilever reformulate its Knorr products to lower the sodium content.

Natural ingredients a recipe for growth

Consumers are increasingly looking for natural ingredients in the food products they consume. In an era of high prices and uncertainty, soup is a good option for a cheap and convenient meal, but even more so if it comes with natural ingredients that strengthen the consumers’ immune system and provide it with the nutrients necessary for the human body. This trend also offers benefits for producers to innovate with new products that satisfy these characteristics, and consolidate or even improve their position in the category.

E-commerce still only a minor sales channel

While the pandemic saw strong growth in the e-commerce value sales share, it still only stands at less than 3% in Latin America. Supermarkets remains the main distribution channel, with a share of 35%, followed by hypermarkets with 29%. Small local grocers also accounts for 17% of meals and soups sales in the region.

Further growth expected in 2022-2027

Meals and soups is expected to continue growing in Latin America over the forecast period, with Brazil, the biggest market, particularly dynamic, and therefore expected to add almost three quarters of new actual sales in 2022-2027. Frozen ready meals, already the biggest product area, and frozen pizza, set to become the second biggest over the forecast period, will add the bulk of new sales in meals and soups in the region in the coming years.

Key findings
Western Europe the most dynamic region in 2022
Sports nutrition immediately returns to positive growth from 2021
UK by some way the leading market for sports nutrition in Western Europe
Sports protein products account for the bulk of new sales in 2017-2022
Protein products continue to dominate sports nutrition sales
Sports nutrition seeing strong growth in 2022, in spite of rising prices
E-commerce dominates sports nutrition distribution
Gyms lost share during the pandemic
Sports nutrition remains relatively fragmented at a regional level
The Hut Group remains a strong leader in Western European sports nutrition
The UK is the major revenue generator for the top 10 players
Barebells sees a major rise up the rankings over the 2017-2022 period
Strong growth expected during the 2022-2027 period
Natural and functional products could be future growth areas for sports nutrition
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