The World Market for Pet Care

June 2019

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Examining six trends shaping pet care

Pet ownership growth accelerates across emerging markets

Economic growth will help drive pet population growth in emerging markets. Urbanisation will drive strong growth for cats and small dogs and create new frontiers for innovation.

E-commerce reshapes pet retail and creates new business models

Internet retailing will reshape pet retail. New business models like subscriptions and personalised nutrition will disrupt long-established brands and shake-up the competitive landscape.

Ingredient sourcing and functionality take centre stage

Ingredients will serve as a key point of differentiation. Organic and locally-sourced elements will command a price premium, as will superfoods, ancient grains, probiotics and other naturally functional inputs.

New processing methods drive growth at the high-end

The methods used to process these ingredients will become as important as the inputs themselves. Raw, fresh and home-cooked foods will drive premiumisation to new heights.

Premium for less

Pet owners will prioritise value for money. They will closely weigh the costs and benefits of their pet products, creating opportunity for premium private labels and mid-priced brands.

Cat treats will explode as innovations merge with ownership trends

Cat treats have tremendous potential. With continued product innovation and demographic trends that are highly favourable for cat ownership, this category will maintain its momentum.


Examining six trends shaping pet care
Areas of opportunity

Global Outlook

Growth accelerates with humanisation trends and trading-up
Humanisation trends will gain momentum from younger pet owners
Pet care is small but growing rapidly
US leads in per capita spending; growth continues for all segments
North America leads, Asia and Latin America will lead future growth
China as the next frontier; growth continues in developed markets
Two avenues of future growth: pet population and premiumisation
Dog food dominates the market, cat food has a bright outlook
Internet retailing disrupts all store-based channels

Leading Companies and Brands

Mars and Nestlé dominate the market, but are losing share
Asia’s ascent is creating a new group of key players
High-growth companies highlight emerging trends and new markets
Pet food giants acquire veterinary clinics as strategic assets

Top Six Trends Shaping the Industry

Megatrends and the pet care industry
Examining six trends shaping pet care
Emerging markets reshape global pet ownership patterns

Top SIX Trends Shaping the Industry

E-commerce disrupts the market through new business models
Ingredient sourcing and functionality take centre stage
New processing methods drive growth at the high-end
Premium for less: high-end features at more attainable prices
Cat treats take-off with trends in innovation and ownership

Market Snapshots

Global snapshot of cat food
Global snapshot of dog food
Global snapshot of other pet food
Global snapshot of pet products
Regional snapshot: Asia Pacific
Regional snapshot: North America
Regional snapshot: Latin America
Regional snapshot: Western Europe
Regional snapshot: Middle East and Africa
Regional snapshot: Eastern Europe
Regional snapshot: Australasia



Pet Care

This is the aggregation of pet food and pet products.

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