Top 100 City Destinations Index 2022

December 2022

Euromonitor International’s Top 100 City Destinations Index 2022 uncovers the leading city players, which have improved their economic and business activity, support thriving tourism infrastructure and performance, and show great potential for investment and operation amid increased digitalisation, technological advancement and sustainability developments. This report explores areas of innovation embraced by cities as they fight economic uncertainty and rising costs of living.

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Key findings

Economic and Business Performance

Measures city performance and development across key macroeconomic and demographic parameters. The pillar captures the impact of economic development on tourism performance, and the economic ability of cities to support tourism growth. Demographic factors are also accounted for under the pillar.

Tourism Performance

Reviews overall tourism demand in the city from international and domestic tourists, as well as value generated by these visitors. Many leading cities have been focused on boosting international travel, with the pandemic highlighting the need for increased focus on domestic travel sector.

Tourism Policy and Attractiveness

The role of favourable tourism policy is critical to the development and enhancement of the travel sector for cities. The pillar explores regulatory aspects, such as ease of travel, the price stability of a destination and social media presence, as these contribute to the attractiveness of a city destination, given changing consumer lifestyles.

Tourism Infrastructure

Measures the presence of physical infrastructure and attractions needed to support visitor growth in a city. Transportation, lodging, entertainment venues, cultural sites and educational facilities are typically key decision factors for city visitors.

Health and Safety

The importance of health and safety for cities has been further underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic, where not only are political stability and social safety relevant, but so is safety against diseases and epidemics. These factors influence many of the tourism policy directives, including visa policies and traveller immunisation.


With the increased impact of climate change and its wider ramifications for the environment and society, governments and companies are putting sustainability on their policy agendas and investing in sustainable business practices. The pillar looks at city performance on aspects such as pollution and levels of over-tourism, as these can determine tourist preferences for destinations.

About the report
About the report
Travel and tourism industry is facing new challenges
Top 100 City Destinations Index ranks cities across six key pillars
Top 100 City Destinations Index 2022
Global performance
Top 10 city destinations of 2022
Travel sector struggles to meet surging demand as travel restrictions are lifted
Rising cost of living will hinder travel preferences
Smart cities to boom and become critical in mitigating uncertainties
Opportunity to lead in sustainability as cities support recovery of travel and tourism sectors
The future of cities
L eading in the most important pillar is not enough for overall first place
Removal of pandemic restrictions influenced big movements within pillars
Singapore tops the economic and business performance pillar
Tourism performance boosted by pent-up demand
International arrivals on the way to recovery
Increased investment in tourism policy and attractiveness - helps diversify source markets
Social media and digital solutions sees growing importance in customer journey
Tourism infrastructure – high priority for cities
Extensive short-term rentals offer is a must to become an attractive destination
Transparent Intelligence: short-term rentals attracting new profiles of quality visitors
Paris is at the forefront in terms of short -t erm rental s regulations
Middle East and Africa dominating the health and safety pillar
The war in Ukraine not only adds to economic pressure, but also raises safety concerns
Sustainability – fully embraced by European cities
Nordic capitals enhancing their sustainability offer
Leisure domestic travel to urban destinations gives Canadian cities a much-needed boost
Lagging recovery of business travel has an uneven impact across the region
Beach destinations: a top destination in 2021 – have mixed performance a year later
New York City: Reclaims its position in the Top 10 cities
Asian cities target other source markets while waiting for the return of Chinese tourists
Singapore: Leading Asia’s recovery with a focus on MICE
China focuses on duty-free shopping to promote domestic tourism and spending
European cities: magnet for “the returning” international traveller
Paris: The most attractive city destination in the world
London: Banking on US visitors to help with rising inflation and weak pound
Berlin: Restarting the local economy with “quality tourism” and sustainable efforts
Berlin: Driving city-compatible tourism growth
Middle East And Africa
Dubai: Huge ambitions to become the metaverse capital of the world
Qatar: Engulfed in the World Cup fever
Cities: the economic powerhouses of the region
Airports: the new ecosystems in the cities
Innovation, renovation and expansion of airports supports pent-up demand
Chengdu Tianfu International Airport: A new aerotropolis in the heart of Chengdu region
Duty-free shops: widening their reach to more city centres
Digital nomad visas: giving a boost to cities and their workation programmes
Top destination features resonate with new lifestyle preferences of travellers
Cities offering cash as part of new stimulus programmes
Prague: Digital nomad hotspot in Europe
Energy sufficiency: the path to net zero cities
Cities continue to embrace the great bicycle supercharged boom
Madrid: Sustainability very high on its agenda
Thinking outside of the box: Island destinations embracing loyalty programmes
With the help of technology and digitalisation cities support local businesses
Resilience and innovation at the heart of city development amid growing uncertainty
Top 100 City Destinations ranked by Performance pillar (1)
Top 100 City Destinations ranked by Performance pillar (2)
Top 100 City Destinations ranked by Performance pillar (3)
Top 100 City Destinations ranked by Performance pillar (4)
Top 100 City Destinations ranked by Performance pillar (5)
Methodology and definitions
Geographical coverage
Pillar 1: Economic and Business Performance
Pillar 2: Tourism Performance
Pillar 3: Tourism Infrastructure
Pillar 4: Tourism Policy and Attractiveness
Pillar 5: Health and Safety
Pillar 6: Sustainability
Glossary of terms


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