Where Consumers Shop for Tissue and Hygiene

September 2022

The tissue and hygiene industry saw growth contract slightly during 2021 after the pandemic disruption of 2020. However, there is still much to be had in terms of opportunity, in large part opportunities to increase levels of at-home consumption and significant potential in developing markets to be realised. Both store and non-store retailers have demonstrated an ability to adapt to changing market shifts, further increasing consumer expectations around topics such as access to product, value fo

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Key Findings

Private label on the rise

Private label gains ground due to increasing consumer search for better value and quality deals, discounters growing as a channel for tissue and hygiene among regions. While private label in North America and Western Europe is still being developed, in other regions it is only yet emerging.

Pandemic reshaping habits

Health vigilance and increased focus on wellness-centred lifestyles benefits retail tissue and hygiene long-term growth in both developed and developing markets. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased consumers’ health-consciousness, and these changes in the way consumers shop and think about hygiene in general are expected to be carried throughout the forecast period.

Acceleration of e-commerce

E-commerce is leading the way in non-store channels, with consumers turning to the format during the pandemic and expected to keep using it in the years thereafter. Heavy investments from retailers coupled with innovation in terms of new businesses utilising the platform leads to significant potential for further growth among tissue and hygiene products over the forecast period.

Changing lifestyles of consumers

Income improvement, increased product availability and untapped per capita consumption potential in developing markets is expected to drive growth in retail hygiene sales over the forecast period, while hybrid working and more time spent at home positively affects the tissue outlook.   

Key findings
Industry developments: Retail tissue
Industry developments: Retail hygiene
Markets stabilising in 2021
Regional market details
Geopolitical conflict and inflation exert pressure on demand growth
The many drivers of inflation within hygiene
Input costs significantly up
The many drivers of inflation within tissue
Input costs significantly up
Stagflation’s pressure on retail tissue and hygiene is most felt in developing markets…
…due to stagflation-reinforced inflation and spending contraction
Channel shifts: Store versus non-store trends
Channel shift by category and region…
…and reasons behind it
For a segment of the population, no amount of enticement will bring them back into shops
Store-based snapshot in 2021
Dynamic store-based channels
Role of modern grocery retailing in tissue and hygiene
Leading companies in modern grocery retailing
Private label in tissue and hygiene
Importance of private label by region…
…and the reasons why
Non-store snapshot in 2021
Internet retailing by category…
…and the reasons behind it
Asia Pacific leading the way in e-commerce
China by far the biggest, while South Korea leads in share
Still potential for e-commerce to grow significantly
Retail hygiene expected to gain momentum
Hybrid working expected to result in higher per capita consumption
Forecast channel development
More online purchases across generations
E-commerce providing a platform for subscription-based businesses
Key takeaways

Tissue and Hygiene

This is the aggregation of retail and away-from home tissue and disposable hygiene products as well as Rx/reimbursement adult incontinence.

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