World Market for Consumer Health

October 2021

The second calendar year of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the global marketplace for consumer health much in the same way as the first, but with different effects on individual categories. Immunity-positioned supplements have slid slightly, while sports nutrition and weight management have returned to prominence. On the other hand, cough and cold remedies continue to suffer, reflecting further limitations on social engagement and movement seen in many countries during 2021.

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Five trends shaping consumer health

COVID-19 behaviours determine sales

The outlook for consumer health products during COVID-19 has been tied directly to the norms and behaviours that consumers have adopted. Social distancing, home seclusion and others have limited consumers’ need for many consumer health products. This effect will continue early in the forecast period, at least.

Immunity mutates to multiple needs

The drive toward immunity functionality in 2020 has morphed into a broader, more holistic perspective on healthy living that encompasses a wide range of need states. Consumers will continue to identify and combine health benefits not just to combat illness but also to meet healthy lifestyle goals.

Mental health’s moment

COVID-19 has amplified the widespread need for mental health solutions, as consumers across cultures reported high rates of stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. Given the continued disruptions caused by the pandemic, it is likely that demands to address these concerns will be front-of-mind into the forecast period.

Personalisation to precision

Though personalised approaches to consumer health products have not yet shifted from niche status, improvements on both the technology and pricing fronts will give the concept greater prominence moving forward. The proposition is moving to the mainstream, attracting larger players through acquisition and investment.

Perceptions of value will need to be earned

The concept of premium in consumer health is shifting during COVID-19, with more consumers clamouring for more detailed information on the products they are using, how these products fit with their lifestyles and ethics, and proof of their efficacy and purpose. This will only deepen, as brands will have to be transparent across their operations and educate consumers on their benefits.


Five trends shaping consumer health

Global Outlook

Consumer health in context
2021 growth expected to slowly rebound; still lower than review period
Reversions, both positive and negative, define 2021 growth patterns
Long-term growth of sports nutrition and VDS strong in all regions
The 2021 rebound by the numbers
Growth over 2019-2021 shows OTC and sports nutrition still lagging
Asia Pacific’s rebound in 2021 presages expected strong forecast growth
VDS taking centre stage in the global marketplace for consumer health
Asian countries to lead growth over the forecast period
OTC drug growth still soft in 2021, with hopes for a rebound
Comparing 2021 OTC sales to pre-COVID-19 expectations
Immunity-positioned VDS slows considerably, other benefits rise in 2021
Sports nutrition witnessed a global rebound in 2021
Weight management remains strong in 2021 but in different markets
E-commerce growth tapers but still up considerably from pre-pandemic
Consumer health in 2026: Innovation to follow consumer behaviour

Leading Companies and Brands

Market leaders look to shed brands rather than acquire during COVID-19
2021 sees CPG incursions into consumer health, further OTC divestments
COVID-19 limitations stifle growth of OTC leaders
Top growing companies continue to do well in VDS, sports nutrition
Market fragmentation: OTC products
Market fragmentation: vitamins and dietary supplements
Market fragmentation: Sports nutrition
Market fragmentation: Weight management and wellbeing

Key Trends Shaping Consumer Health

Five trends shaping consumer health
Euromonitor’s Industry Insights Survey nods to near-term transformation
How will consumer behaviour evolve as COVID-19 begins to recede?
Cough, cold and allergy remedies has much ground to make up
Multiple need-states emerging after the dominance of immunity
Mental health seeing sustained interest during COVID-19
The debilitating cycle of stress ensures further needs in mental health
Evaluating “after COVID-19”: personalisation to precision
Evaluating “after COVID-19”: value will need to be earned, justified

Market Snapshots

Global snapshot of OTC drugs
Global snapshot of vitamins and dietary supplements
Global snapshot of sports nutrition
Global snapshot of weight management and wellbeing
Regional snapshot: Asia Pacific
Regional snapshot: North America
Regional snapshot: Latin America
Regional snapshot: Western Europe
Regional snapshot: Eastern Europe
Regional snapshot: Middle East and Africa
Regional snapshot: Australasia


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