World Market for Pet Care

May 2021

The global pet care market is expected to increase in 2021, based on increased ownership in developed countries during lockdown, and people’s rising awareness of pets in emerging markets post-pandemic. Premiumisation and humanisation will continue, and claims around allergy care, mental health and sustainability are considered important components of future premium trends. E-commerce channels surged during the pandemic – a trend that is expected to continue.

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Key Findings

Healthy growth is expected to continue in global pet care

The global pet care market it expected to increase in 2021, continuing its strong growth from 2020, as the trend of bonding with companion animals during lockdown will persist. People’s negative perceptions about animals and viruses in emerging markets will become weaker as the pandemic recedes.

Two global frontiers in the development of new trends

Mars and Nestlé retain their top positions in global pet care. They are clearly leading in on-trend areas like sustainability and premiumisation. However, in emerging markets, local players are showing strong performances based on factors such as localised distribution, live streaming and rapid delivery services.

E-commerce advances with subscription models for more premiumisation

E-commerce surged in 2020, and this trend will continue over the forecast period. Subscription services for premium brands which are freshly made and delivered also expanded rapidly. This shift in distribution is contributing to further humanisation in pet food through cuisines that look like real human food. In contrast, store-based channels will show a comparatively weak performance.

Humanisation continues as a key trend, and this is being accelerated by focusing on health improvements

Premiumisation and humanisation are only accelerating with new product development. Emerging frontiers within these trends include an increase in allergy care claims and products claimed to help manage pets’ mood and mental wellbeing.

Sustainability has emerged as a key concept, with packaging and ingredient innovations designed for a healthier planet

Sustainability is also a key trend in global pet care. Players are focused on developing reusable and eco-friendly packaging, and new ingredients that are more suitable for sustainability are also being introduced. Insect-based and vegan pet foods are being watched more closely by owners concerned with sustainability.


Key findings
Post-pandemic outlook: future impact on pet care

The Industry Overview

Continuing good performance in global pet care market post-lockdowns
Pet care: continued growth whilst other industries normalise
Developed markets boost innovation in pet products, including pet tech
Pet products thrive in most regions; cat food excels in Asia
China and US: comprising half of global pet care – lead future growth
Dog food leads industry sales, but cat food and pet products grow faster
E-commerce has become the largest channel

Leading Companies and Brands

Market fragmentation grows as local brands capture share
Digitalisation via online channels targets younger consumers
Top brands benefit from consumer conservatism during pandemic

Top Four Trends Shaping the Industry

Top four key trends in global pet care in 2021
Hypoallergenic premium pet food is mainly considered for health
Premium, personalised food based on unique health conditions
Millennials and generation Z interested in customised nutrition
Special feeding occasions as a real family member
Targeting “PetFam” consumers in South Korea
Digitalisation of distribution channels is growing rapidly
Digitalisation of pet products makes life smarter
Understanding pets’ emotions for their mental wellbeing
Awareness of sustainability is increasing among pet owners
Sustainability becoming a core strategic direction for players
Ethical product claims in pet care increasing in mature markets

Market Snapshot

Global snapshot of cat food
Global snapshot of dog food
Global snapshot of other pet food
Global snapshot of pet products
Regional snapshot: Asia Pacific
Regional snapshot: Eastern Europe
Regional snapshot: Middle East and Africa
Regional snapshot: We stern Europe
Regional snapshot: North America
Regional snapshot: Latin America
Regional snapshot: Australasia


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