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World Market for Professional Sports

November 2022

The sports industry in 2022 continues to demonstrate post-pandemic resilience, driving commercial performance by forging novel deals with emerging brands and companies and striving to maximise stadium revenues. Fan growth remains a universal goal and is manifested through greater investment in women’s sports and initiatives focused on younger consumers.

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Key Findings

Appealing to the youth

From the live experience to social media, sports properties are optimising strategies in order to appeal to younger fan segments. This manifests in a number of ways, from redeveloping venues to be more connected to investing more in emerging social platforms such as TikTok.

Cusp of the metaverse

As the popularity of gaming continues to soar in virtual worlds such as Fortnite and Roblox, the sports industry is looking to catalyse a wider shift into the metaverse and capture partnership revenue along the way. This manifests in a number of ways, from creating digital replicas of real venues, to hosting watch-alongs in virtual spaces where fan communities can congregate.

Sponsorship shows continued brand confidence in sports

Brands continue to invest heavily in sports, with emerging sectors such as cryptocurrency exchanges quickly growing a sizable sports marketing footprint. However, amidst this confidence, regulatory pressures, hyperinflation and a wider tech slowdown is tempering optimism.

New challengers enter the ring

Traditional sports are seeing disruption in the form of emerging challengers. YouTube stars are increasingly gaining attention by hosting exhibition boxing matches, an emerging golf tour (LIV Golf) threatens the hegemony of the PGA Tour and esports soaks up attention that might have otherwise gone to traditional sports. This fragmentation will have major implications on the industry looking forward.

New narratives

The popularity of sports content continues to drive competition across the broadcasting landscape and sees big tech implementing sports content as a key pillar in user growth strategies.

Executive summary
Annual Overview: US and European leagues outperform regional counterparts
Annual Overview: European football wins lion’s share of global attention
Sports in 2022: Driving fan engagement, winning deals and managing economic uncertainty
What European teams do well: Win global attention
UFC, Formula 1 and PGA Tour all see strong growth online
Global sponsorship by sport: Football unsurprisingly outperforms
Global sponsorship by region: Western Europe sees highest number of deals tracked
Global sponsorship by industry: Business services and finance players continue to invest
Global sponsorship by company
Sponsorship valuation in the major leagues
Sponsorship valuation league overview: Bundesliga
Sponsorship valuation league overview: National Football League (NFL)
Sponsorship valuation league overview: Premier League
Sponsorship valuation league overview: National Basketball Association (NBA)
Sponsorship valuation league overview: La Liga
Sponsorship valuation league overview: Serie A
Sponsorship valuation league overview: Ligue 1
Sponsorship valuation league overview: Major League Baseball (MLB)
Sponsorship valuation league overview: National Hockey League (NHL)
Sponsorship Valuation Model: Key insights
Key takeaways
Examining four trends currently shaping the Sports industry
What will the history books say about 2022?
The continued rise of women’s professional sports
Fan-first strategies: Simply an extension of CSR and the stakeholder model
Are fans ready to walk through virtual turnstiles?
Increased scrutiny on emerging sponsorship sectors
The big tech takeover: Is live sports streaming the next battleground?
Three key takeaways
Regional Club Index 2022 results: Europe and North America
Regional Club Index 2022 results: Latin America and Asia Pacific
Industry snapshot: Finance and Insurance
Industry snapshot: Airlines
Industry snapshot: Telecommunications
Industry snapshot: Business Services
Industry snapshot: Automotive
Sports coverage 2022


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