World Market for Retail Tissue

June 2022

The retail tissue industry is expected to see continued growth after a temporary slowdown in 2021, driven in large part by enduring above pre-pandemic level at-home consumption and significant untapped potential in developing markets. However, as a stronger sense of health meets price sensitivity and sustainability expectations, suppliers need to balance value and quality to retain consumer loyalty and solidify their competitive foothold.

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Key Findings

Heightened health awareness and untapped potential in developing markets support tissue demand and sharpen format preferences

Health vigilance, increased at-home cleaning occasions, as well as positive fundamentals, such as increased incomes, urbanisation, population growth and untapped per capita potential, bode well for retail tissue’s long-term growth in developing markets, providing significant scope for versatile formats, such as paper towels.

Inflation reinforces portfolio segmentation, targeted innovations and efficiencies

Rising cost pressures and consumer price sensitivity have led tissue suppliers to improve supply chain efficiency via technology integration and a tiered product mix, from affordable lines satisfying the baseline expectation to premium ones offering value-added attributes.

Strong health focus catalyses hygiene-strengthening attributes

New spending habits and health priorities have led to more consumers clamouring for product features that deliver cleaning efficacy and enhanced hygiene. This requires more proactive and transparent communications focused on mileage benefits particularly in higher priced products.

Digital strategies help companies forge closer customer relationships

As more consumers have embraced e-commerce, having a fluid and responsive digital strategy helps companies stay informed of consumer needs and preferences, and provides closer and more timely engagement through social campaigns, recommendations and subscriptions.

Sustainable consumerism drives more focused thinking across the product lifecycle

Companies are highlighting holistic sustainability as part of brand strategies, focusing on themes such as environmental stewardship as components tied into better health and wellbeing. However, cost pressures require more focused thinking on priorities.


Examining five trends shaping retail tissue

State of the Industry

Growth pattern to restore near pre-pandemic norm after a temporary fall in 2021
Reversions: Negative and positive – define 2021 growth patterns
Facial tissues and paper towels lead 2020-2021 growth, supported by Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific’s strength in 2021 presages expected strong forecast global growth
Toilet paper projected strong gains in Asia Pacific and Latin America …
…driven largely by favourable demographics and per capita potential
Improved sanitation services access offers growth opportunities in developing markets
Bathroom evolution may reduce demand for toilet paper
Paper towels expected to see rapid growth, following shifts in consumer behaviour
Geopolitical conflict and inflation exert pressure on demand growth
Global stagflation’s downward pressure on retail tissue is most felt in developing markets…
…due to stagflation-reinforced inflation and spending contraction
E-commerce growth slows but is still up considerably from pre-pandemic levels
Asia drives e-commerce expansion
Convenience and novelty drive subscription adoption
Direct-to-consumer players lead the predictive personalisation journey

Leading Companies and Brands

Market leaders cede shares to local and regional players
Capacity expansion and chord-striking innovations boost handful leaders’ share performance
Narrowing quality gap plus value sustain private label’s foothold in well-situated markets…
…while elsewhere, competitive pricing and quality improvement help unlock further growth
Improving flexibility and efficiency sits high on business agenda
Data-driven supply chain underpins long-term competitiveness: Kruger Products

Top Five Trends Shaping the Industry

Examining five trends shaping retail tissue
Consumers adopt a more prudent, simplified and conscientious approach to consumption
Efficacy-value hybridity remains top of mind
Industry response nods to consumer priorities
Kruger Products: Meet value-centred expectations via targeted innovations and marketing
Green claims remain most popular, though categories show varied priorities
Western Europe makes up largest share of top green claims combined in consumer tissue
Consumers are more willing to pay more for tangible green benefits over generic claims
Sustainable packaging as an emerging, though still underdeveloped, area for innovations
The search for alternative fibres also charges sustainability strides
Packaging, sourcing and energy usage are key areas for future sustainability investment

Market Snapshots

Global snapshot of retail tissue
Global snapshot of Asia Pacific
Global snapshot of Australasia
Global snapshot of Eastern Europe
Global snapshot of Latin America
Global snapshot of Middle East and Africa
Global snapshot of North America
Global snapshot of Western Europe


Euromonitor International’s survey insights
Euromonitor International’s voice of the consumer insights

Tissue and Hygiene

This is the aggregation of retail and away-from home tissue and disposable hygiene products as well as Rx/reimbursement adult incontinence.

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