World Market for Retail Tissue

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Mar 2019

The global consumer tissue market sees positive growth, mainly in developing regions. With high input costs and competitive pressures, price increases and premium innovation are among the key components of key players’ strategies. Innovation also takes the form of products positioned as eco-friendly, reflecting increasing emphasis on sustainability. This report reveals the latest trends and projections for consumer tissue globally and by region, including competitive dynamic and risk scenarios.

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World Market for Retail Tissue

Key trends shaping retail tissue


   In the tight profit margin environment, value-added innovation to support price increases will remain one of the key growth strategies, which plays out in developed regions as well as developing markets. In the latter, the key target audience is found among middle to high income consumers.

Sustainability and ethical living

Sustainability is among the key strategies in tissue, in part driven by consumers and in large part by the realities of supply chain, government pressures, and the need to innovate. Sustainability in tissue products manifests itself in a variety of ways, from alternative fibres to overhauls in supply chain and environmental certificates on products attesting to sustainable practices in production and distribution.

Private label

Private label is a significant player in developed markets and has gained traction in growth markets. Retailers continue to innovate across price segments. However, some of the manufacturers are re-evaluating their commitment to private label due to difficulties in securing profit margins.

Engines of growth - Asia and Africa in focus

Growth frontiers continue to shift to emerging and developing regions. But market opportunities vary by country, including the dynamic between premium and affordable as well as growth and opportunities across various tissue product categories.



Key trends shaping retail tissue
Four areas of opportunity in retail consumer tissue

Global Outlook

Positive growth globally
Bulk of global unmet potential found in India and China
Categories move at different paces
Asia Pacific leads in absolute value and shows healthy growth
MEA is a rising growth frontier but comes with risks
Africa rising: building growth amidst challenges
Deconstructing future growth factors: Look beyond fundamentals
Omnichannel approach to securing growth
Brexit fallout: small negative impact on industry growth
Assessing risks of slowdown in the world’s largest tissue market

Leading Companies and Brands

Global powerhouses dominate but face difficult operating conditions
Regional brands and “ankle biters” succeed across price segments
Private label shows further gains

Key Trends Shaping Retail Tissue

Megatrends shaping global tissue market
Premiumisation to drive revenues in challenging marketplace
Ethical living: Sustainable practices and products to drive value
Shifting growth frontiers: Developed markets drop in share of sales
Reaching market potential can take time
Connected consumers create opportunities for smaller brands

Market Snapshots

Asia Pacific
North America
Western Europe*
Latin America
Eastern Europe
Middle East and Africa*

Appendix: Competitor Analytics

Competitor Analytics tool
Market Overlap
Overlap Matrices