Global Market Overview of Cotton

December 2022

This briefing examines how the commodity cotton is performing globally and in the largest countries in terms of cotton supply and consumption of its products. The report also provides data and analysis for cotton prices and supply, imports and exports of cotton products and top consuming industries as well as global economic forecasts. The supply, consumption and main consuming industries overview provides benchmarks against other countries globally.

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Key findings

Consumption of textiles to remain high contributing to sustained demand for cotton

Driven by rapid urbanisation, population and income increases, and substantial economic growth in developing countries, mostly in Southeast Asia, textiles utilisation is projected to further rise maintaining high demand for cotton. In addition, rising popularity of sustainable products and natural fibres are expected to further strengthen demand for cotton.

The importance of recycled cotton to grow

Due to sustainability issues and changing consumer preferences, the popularity of recycled cotton (or reclaimed cotton) is expected to grow going forward. Cotton recycling reduces the usage of water and chemicals, and exploits fewer natural resources. Companies are already including more recycled cotton into their assortments. For example, global retailer of outdoor clothing Patagonia for the autumn 2022 season offered cotton clothing of which 34% was made with recycled cotton. Nevertheless, once recycled cotton cannot be recycled again.

Climate change remains long-term threat to global cotton supply

Cotton production remains highly susceptible to the warming climate and adverse weather events, such as heatwaves, floods and droughts along with rising global water scarcity. Adapting crop management, conserving and improving soil condition, increasing crop diversification, protecting soil from erosion, as well as the development of drought-tolerant varieties, will be key to withstand the intensifying climate challenges.

Innovations in farming practices to offer more sustainable solutions for cotton production

Digital innovations allow cotton producers to better monitor and manage crop production, increase productivity and improve production quality, while big data analysis provides opportunities for better process management and production planning. Innovations in technologies are set to play an important role in future agriculture development, mapping resources and offering cost-cutting solutions and production improvements.

Key findings
Key trends impacting commodities market in 2022
Cotton industry witnessed imbalances between demand and supply over 2021
Global cotton prices reached record-breaking heights in the first half of 2022
The release of pent-up demand contributed to elevated cotton prices over 2022
India and US continue to dominate global cotton supply scenery
China records significant decline in cotton production over historic period
India: High returns encourage increase in cotton production
USA: Intensifying droughts threaten cotton crop harvests nationwide
China: Shifting supply chains challenge cotton producers in China
Consumption value witnessed a strong rebound in 2021 globally
China: Domestic consumption to be hampered by decreasing consumer confidence
USA: Clothing industry shifting focus towards casual attire
India: Consumers remain interested in shopping for clothing in physical stores
Apparel and furniture continue to be the main buyers of cotton
Apparel: Comfortable clothing to remain in high demand
Furniture: Growth in upholstered furniture to sustain demand for cotton
Pet food and animal feeds: Focus on sustainability to drive demand for high-quality pet foods
Cordage, rope, twine and netting: Turnover rebound is anticipated over the long term
Top 10 country profile : India
Top 10 country profile : USA
Top 10 country profile : China
Top 10 country profile : Brazil
Top 10 country profile : Pakistan
Top 10 country profile : Turkey
Top 10 country profile : Uzbekistan
Top 10 country profile : Mexico
Top 10 country profile : Argentina
Top 10 country profile : Greece
Key challenges and opportunities
Economic forecasts


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