Megatrends in Spain

June 2021

This Megatrends report highlights long-term trends resulting from shifts in consumer values and behaviour. It provides a summary of each of Euromonitor International’s eight focus megatrends and insights as to how each trend has manifested in Spain.

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Consumer Lifestyle reports provide detailed snapshorts of the behaviours, attitudes and spending patterns of consumers in 40 countries. 

The Lifestyles reports offer valuable statistics and insights into key consumer traits and values, linking behaviour trends with purchase and consumption habits. Using lifestyles survey data, these reports quantify behaviours, preferences and motivations both now and in the future across specific consumer-related topics relating to how consumers live, shop, work and play in 40 markets. Analysis is also included on how Euromonitor’s 8 focus megatrends, the longer-term shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviour, are playing out in each of the 40 countries. Consumer lifestyles are constantly shifting. Understanding behavioural shifts is vital for businesses to stay competitive and adapt to in order to capitalise on new opportunities.

The Consumer Lifestyle in Spain report includes:

Lifestyles survey data and analysis on consumer values, behaviour and future expectations on topics such as life priorities, home and work life, ethical and health priorities and eating, leisure and shopping habits and use of technology. Consumer Megatrends covered are: Connected Consumers Ethical Living Experience More Healthy Living Middle Class Retreat Premiumisation Shifting Market Frontiers Shopping Reinvented

The Consumer Lifestyle in Spain report answers:

  • How is the consumer mindset in Spain changing? In Spain, what are consumer attitudes towards “green” and sustainable products?
  • What values influence consumers in Spain purchase decisions?
  • Where and how do consumers shop in Spain?
  • What health-related activities do consumers in Spain participate in?
  • What megatrends should I focus on in Spain (and why)?
  • How do I prioritize my investment? I operate in country x, which are the most important megatrends in that country?
  • My product chimes with the Healthy Living trend, what consumer behaviours do I need to consider for innovation planning?
The drivers shaping consumer behaviour
Businesses harness megatrends to renovate, innovate and disrupt
Digital living
Wallbox : Smart charging stations for the home
Gaming, use of fitness devices and virtual assistants well above average
Spanish Millennials are especially digitally engaged
Managing data and privacy concerns are top of the list for consumers
Targeted advertising seen as invasion of privacy by all generations
Spanish consumers mostly influenced by their friends and family
Spanish consumers more restrained on returning to in-person activity
Experience more
Zara: Inditex creating a fabulous retail experience for worn consumers
Real world engagement and other cultures are the draw
Stepping back into the old normal is key for all age groups
Socialising with friends in person and online are most important
Holiday-makers look for cultural experiences after relaxation and safety
Desire to get back to in-person connection focused in middle cohorts
Middle class reset
Good For * (Sephora Espana ): Pivoting towards the conscious consumer
Frugal mindset dominates in Spain
Previously loved items are favoured by younger cohorts
Relatively low levels of repurposing, sharing and donating in Spain
Increasing visits to discount stores are the standout way of economising
Lanana : Clean label and minimal processing premiumising baby food
Streamlining and curation are important and distinctiveness strong
Curated experiences matter less with age
Pessimism about long-term value of investments behind research
Consideration of price/quality relationship rank highly
Shifting market frontiers
German retailer Lidl supporting local producers in Galicia
Spanish have a more international world view
Gen Z and Millennials more outward looking
Commitment to supporting local business rises through the generations
Shopping reinvented
Zara enhances app to combine digital and in-store services
Growing allegiance to online retailing, though in-store still strong
Simply following/liking is the strongest form of digital engagement
Gen Z and Millennials are more committed to digital
Sustainable living
MOVELETUR project making sustainable tourism more feasible
Spaniards feel more deeply about ethical issues than globally
Spanish consumers actively reducing their use of plastics
Consumers more likely to buy from brands that support their values
Being able to recycle packaging is the top consideration
Wetaca : Healthy food cooked from scratch and delivered direct
Consumers see exercising and eating well as wellness solutions
All cohorts value looking for healthy ingredients in food
Herbal remedies and sleep aid use higher than global average
Health tech is less important to Spanish consumers than globally
Though spending less, consumers were safety aware when out and about
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