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Our Passport Consumers research database helps redirect assumptions and uncover new opportunities with global insights on consumer and demographic trends.

With intuitive navigation to millions of statistics and analysis on socio-demographic indicators, lifestyles, purchasing behaviours and opinions, Passport Consumers helps move your business forward with a stronger strategic direction.


Plan for target audience shifts

Map your mid-to-long term demographic evolution to anticipate the need for changes in strategic direction. Benchmark the most attractive countries and cities for growth by examining household and income environments.

Identify gaps in consumer preferences

Capture the voice of the consumer and examine traits across key consumer themes to inform your product positioning. Examine attitudes, opinions, values, habits and behaviours revealing emerging opportunities and future directions.

Build a complete household profile

Elevate your understanding of a country’s consumer landscape with insights on household makeup, possession of household durables and income and expenditure data across key categories.

Reach your consumers

Understand shopping habits, access to technology, how consumers get around, what they do in their spare time and social media habits to map the most effective ways to engage.

Macro data in context

Leverage insight from our global network of analysts and use their knowledge of the local market, fluency in the local language and access to the best research sources to help identify your next big opportunity.


  • More than 20 million statistics
  • 5,000+ indicators
  • Annual, quarterly and monthly indicators
  • 54 years of comparable data (1977-2030)
  • 37 years of historic data and 17 years of forecasts
  • Growth rates, indices and per capita conversions
  • Up to 210 countries plus regional aggregates
  • 843 cities
  • 909 sub-national regions
  • Updated weekly


  • Dashboards deliver a visual representation of category, company and channel performance to reveal future opportunities and threats 
  • Future demographic reports examine changing population structures

  • Consumer lifestyles reports identify factors influencing lifestyle choices, revealing who consumers are and what they do

  • Strategy briefings explore important themes and market factors influencing consumer behaviour and purchasing

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