Mobility in the Philippines

September 2022

Insights and data on the traditional automotive sector and the mobility industry can help businesses examine how changing travel patterns will impact future consumer behaviour. Growing climate pressures and rising urbanisation rates are pushing businesses to innovate and drive to the market alternative means of travel. Other insights on transport expenditure, internet access and attitudes to autonomous vehicles can help companies to align corporate strategies and spot new opportunities.

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The mobility reports examine the changing dynamics of the traditional automotive industry and the transition towards alternative and low emission mobility as consumers, governments and businesses lay emphasis on sustainable transport. 

Each mobility report covers six key topics:

Vehicle sales and ownership: Provides insights on the traditional automotive market, examining new car sales and registrations, sales by passenger car type and consumer preference for vehicle ownership.

Electric and alternative fuel vehicles: Analyses electric and alternative fuel passenger car registrations, as well as the legislative frameworks being introduced to incentivise consumer adoption of low emission vehicles.

Shared mobility: Explores the use of various shared mobility modes including ride hailing, ride sharing, scooter sharing, car sharing and bike sharing. Provides some insights on the legislative landscape in promoting shared mobility.

Car Rental: Evaluates the state of the traditional car rental market. This section covers the market size, channels, and types of car rental, as well as the competitive landscape.

Public transportation: Outlines the modes, usage, and consumer attitudes to public transport. Also studies the government initiatives being rolled out to modernise public transport fleets.

Autonomous vehicles and connectivity: Examines the penetration and market readiness of autonomous cars as well as consumer attitudes to self-driving vehicles. In addition, it provides an analysis of infrastructure, legislation, and government support of factors critical to the promotion of self-driving/autonomous cars.

This report answers:

  • How have light vehicle sales performed in Philippines?
  • What are the most popular types of light vehicles sold in Philippines?
  • What is the market size of new electric vehicle registrations in Philippines?
  • How are government policies influencing the transition to low-emission mobility in Philippines?
  • Who is the leading shared mobility company in Philippines?
  • How large is the car rental market in Philippines?
  • How are consumers changing their attitudes to public transport in Philippines and what are the prospects?
  • What are the chief regulatory and legislative developments in the autonomous vehicles and connected cars space?

Mobility in the Philippines

Chart 1 Light Vehicle Sales in the Philippines 2016-2026
Chart 2 Car Sales by Segment in the Philippines 2016-2026
Chart 3 Automotive Brand Market Share in the Philippines, 2021
Chart 4 Top 10 Most Popular Light Vehicle Models in the Philippines, 2021
Chart 5 Vehicles in Use 2021 in the Philippines and Growth 2021-2026
Chart 6 Consumer Expenditure per Capita on Transportation: Regional Comparison 2021
Chart 7 New vs Secondhand car Purchase in the Past Year 2022
Chart 8 New vs Secondhand car Purchase in the Coming Year 2022
Chart 9 Reasons for not Buying an Electric Car, 2022
Chart 10 EV Charging by Location, 2022
Chart 11 Electric Automobile Ownership by Income, 2022
Chart 12 Electric Automobile Ownership by Age Group, 2022
Chart 13 Typical mode of Commute Using Shared Services, 2022
Chart 14 Anticipated Future Spending on Transportation by Mobility Mode, 2022
Chart 15 Frequency of Public Transport Use for Commuting 2022
Chart 16 Frequency of Public Transport Use for Commuting by City Size, 2022
Chart 17 Public Transportation Use in 2021 and Growth 2016-2021 in Selected Cities
Chart 18 Number of Days per Week Commuting 2022
Chart 19 Attitudes to Autonomous Vehicles in the Philippines, 2022
Chart 20 I am Concerned About the Safety of Riding in an Autonomous Car by Age Group, 2022
Chart 21 I am Concerned About the Safety of Riding in an Autonomous Car by Income, 2022
Chart 22 Road Injury Accidents 2016-2021 and Road Injuries by City 2021
Chart 23 Road Network by Country 2021
The following categories and subcategories are included:


      • Mini Cars
      • Small Cars
      • Medium Cars
      • Large Cars
      • Executive Cars
      • Luxury Cars
      • Sports Cars
        • Small SUVs and Crossovers
        • Compact SUVs and Crossovers
        • Medium SUVs and Crossovers
        • Large SUVs and Crossovers
        • Mini Multi Purpose Cars
        • Medium Multi Purpose Cars
        • Full-size Multi Purpose Cars
      • Pick-Ups
        • Small Vans
        • Medium Vans
    • Light Vehicle Sales: Autonomy Level 0
    • Light Vehicle Sales: Autonomy Level 1
    • Light Vehicle Sales: Autonomy Level 2
    • Light Vehicle Sales: Autonomy Level 3
    • Light Vehicle Sales: Autonomy Level 4
    • Light Vehicle Sales: Autonomy Level 5
    • Commercial Vehicles in Use
    • Passenger Cars in Use
    • Motorcycles and Mopeds in Use
    • Average Age of Vehicles in Use
    • Commercial Vehicle Production
    • Passenger Car Production
    • Motorcycles and Mopeds Production
    • Commercial Vehicle Registrations
    • Motorcycles and Mopeds Registrations
    • Passenger Car Registrations
    • Diesel Car Registrations
      • Battery Electric Car (BEV) Registrations
      • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Car (PHEV) Registrations
      • Hybrid Electric Car (HEV) Registrations
    • Bike Sharing
    • Car Sharing
    • Ride Hailing
    • Ride Sharing
    • Scooter Sharing
    • Electric Charging Stations: Normal
    • Electric Charging Stations: Fast
    • Electric Charging Stations: Ultra Fast
    • Electric Charging Station Density
  • Car Traffic Volume
    • Km Travelled by Air
    • Km Travelled by Rail
    • Km Travelled by Road
    • Distance Flown on Scheduled Flights
    • Average Annual Distance Travelled by Car
    • Price per 10 Litres of Automotive Diesel
    • Price per 10 Litres of Premium Unleaded Petrol
      • Business Car Rental
      • Leisure Car Rental
        • Car Rental Online Direct
        • Car Rental Online Intermediaries
      • Car Rental Offline


All vehicles captured by Euromonitor's vehicle volume sales data, i.e. light vehicles -passenger cars and light commercial vehicles combined. Medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses are not covered.

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