Poland: Consumer Profile

May 2023

Ageing, urbanisation, migration, and the generational shift continue to shape Poland's demographic landscape. The number of seniors in Poland will notably increase through to 2040. The influence of Millennials on consumer preferences will solidify, and the rising importance of Generation Z as they enter mid-life will have substantial implications for businesses. The significance of households with children is expected to decline as singletons become more prominent in the household composition.

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Key Findings

Immigration is changing demographic composition

Mobility of people across borders grows, driven by social, political and economic factors. The large influx of Ukrainian refugees in 2022 has significantly affected Poland's demographic composition, which is becoming increasingly diverse. Growing foreign populations elevate the need for various products and services that could ensure better integration into their new communities.

The middle class struggles with the cost-of-living crisis

The middle class faces increasing challenges due to rising inflation and the cost-of-living crisis. While they may not be living paycheck to paycheck, they still have to balance their budgets and prioritise their spending to maintain their desired lifestyle.

Millennials shape consumer preferences

As the largest generation in Poland, Millennials are taking centre stage reshaping how businesses play in the market. Their tech-savviness, appreciation of other cultures and openness to novelty products and services are driving changes in consumer behaviour and expectations, challenging traditional business models and strategies.

Consumers seek affordability

Consumers are looking for ways to manage their budgets during high inflation and rising costs. Consumers actively compare prices and shop around to find the best deals. They may utilize online platforms, price comparison websites or visit multiple stores to identify affordable options for the items they need. They prioritise essential needs such as food, housing, and utilities over discretionary spending.

Key drivers affecting consumers in Poland in 2022
How developments today shape consumers of tomorrow
Key findings
Today 2022: Mid-Lifers are getting too large to ignore
Today: Poland’s population composition is increasingly diverse
Polish Millennials opt for new products and branded goods
Tomorrow 2040: Longer life expectancy and low birth rates boost older cohort
Tomorrow : Millennials remain the largest cohort in 2040, Gen X will be 61-75
Tomorrow : The population in Poland's largest cities is set to decline
Areas of opportunity
Case study: Ukraine’s postal service Nova Post expands to Poland
Today 2022: Single persons and couples with children constitute the majority of households
Poles prefer ownership of spacious, mortgage-free homes
Energy efficiency is a top priority for homes, especially for Baby Boomers
Tomorrow 2040: Single person households to grow at the fastest pace in Poland
Women are forecast to remain key household decision makers
Younger families remain connected to the digital world
Areas of opportunity
Case Study: Daikin Europe builds a heat pump production facility in Poland
Today 2022: Social class D and C dominates among the Polish population
Poland ‘s middle classes hit by the cost-of-living crisis
Budgeteers will only increase their spending on essential items
Tomorrow 2040: Social classes D and E to be prevalent by 2040
Tomorrow 2040: Middle-aged population predominantly in the top-income band
Tomorrow 2040: Warsaw to remain Poland’s largest consumer market
Areas of opportunity
Case study: German discount retailer Woolworth enters the Polish market
Key findings: Consumer survey
Younger Polish generations have a more positive outlook about their future
Poles, especially Baby Boomers, worry about their financial situation
Poles prioritise jobs with high salaries and security
Poles like to repair items and buy second-hand products
Concern surrounding climate change encourages higher engagement in green activities
Case study: Poles can now access Apple parts to self repair products
Areas of opportunity
Key findings


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