Voice of the Consumer: Lifestyles Survey 2023: Key Insights

May 2023

Voice of the Consumer: Lifestyles Survey 2022: Key Insights report offers valuable insights into global consumer attitudes and current thinking, and their impact on purchasing and consumption habits; quantifying behaviours, preferences and motivations and aligning them with broader trends.

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Key Findings

Balancing budget and lifestyle

Still concerned by inflation and stubbornly high prices, global consumers remain focused on value and cost-cutting, making clever and informed decisions intended to make their money go further while avoiding too many compromises.

At a time to suit you

When engaging in their daily work, leisure and other activities, consumers continue to embrace newly acquired flexibility, forgoing the strict preset schedules of the past and choosing instead to follow a range of new lifestyle options and rhythms that suits their needs best. 

Planning for a new future

During the pandemic many consumers found themselves questioning traditional life/career paths. Now, whether facing uncertainty or exploring new opportunities, many ambitious consumers are stepping out of their comfort zones and investing time and resources in learning new skills and/or enhancing others in order to future-proof their lives.

Raising the bar

Consumers have strong expectations regarding trust and the authenticity of the products and services they use and they are quickly frustrated by surprises or deviations. Companies must continuously up the ante, relentlessly pursuing greater transparency and promoting their values and credentials in critical areas such as labour conditions and sustainability.

Minding yourself

Recent unsettling economic, political and public health events are adding to already high stress levels and consumers have been reminded of the importance of good mental health. Alongside those seeking out traditional remedies, many are broadening their search for solutions by  adopting more tailored practices such as mindfulness and similar self-support programmes.


Background and coverage of the Voice of the Consumer: Lifestyles Survey
2023: Five key insights?
Stretched consumers look for ways to cut spending without dampening their lifestyle  ?
Consumers are finding ways to save and are embracing the circular economy?
Consumers plan to cut back on non-essential spending as cost-of living-crisis continues
Case study: Poles can now access Apple parts to self-repair products
Global consumers adopt more flexible lifestyles and want more convenient choices ?
Flexible working schedules drive demand for products and services anytime, anywhere
Global eating habits are changing as consumers are no longer living by the clock
Case study: French Youzd C2C online platform benefits from fast delivery
Despite the challenges, consumers are aiming to rediscover new life paths
Global consumers are rethinking their work-life values and setting new goals?
Consumers focus on improving their skills to protect their future choices
Case study: Telia doubles its digital inclusion target
Global consumers expect companies and brands to deliver on their expectations?
Brands and companies still an important source of information for global consumers
Global consumers want to partner with brands and companies
Case study: Disney employees demand action against controversial bill
Working to maintain good mental and physical health is a priority for global consumers
Consumers earning to simplify their routines
Many continue to turn to traditional stress-reduction activities
Case study: One Day chocolate tablet offers snack alternative for health-conscious Koreans
Information about Euromonitor International’s syndicated survey methods
Lifestyles Survey offers insight into consumer habits and attitudes
Lifestyles Survey: FAQs


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