Wellness: Longevity and the Quest for Healthy Ageing in Asia Pacific

June 2022

Wellness has been identified by Euromonitor International as having the furthest-reaching impact on industries and consumers in the future. This report looks at the link between rising longevity and consumers’ search for a healthy life and highlights the potential impact of the behaviour of healthier consumers on consumer goods industries in the years to come through three lenses - nutritional habits, physical wellness and internal balance – to help the reader understand the changing Asia Pacifi

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Key Takeaways

Nutritional habits

Consumers are reconsidering their eating habits, with many looking to increase the intake of healthy nutrients that can help them spend more years of life in good health. Cross-industry product propositions and innovation in packaging, format, formulation and functionality can be considered by manufacturers as a means to match varied priorities across different age groups. Innovation around traditional ingredients, flavours and healing concepts could also be lucrative across all cohorts.

Physical wellness

The importance of physical wellness as a means of ageing healthily continues to grow in Asia Pacific. Consumers view health holistically – both feeling healthy and looking healthy. Rising participation in physical activities, boosted by both government initiatives and self-care awareness, is expected to benefit categories like sports nutrition, health and wellness food and drink, and sportswear to aid better exercise performances. Healthy skin is a priority as consumers move away from targeted anti-ageing. Natural and organic ingredients, as well as simplified beauty steps, create opportunities to meet demand for clear and healthy-looking skin.

Internal balance

Recognition of the importance of internal balance, measured by factors including mental health, memory, sleep and stress, is growing in Asia Pacific. is growing in Asia Pacific. Consumers across all age groups are looking to address issues such as stress and sleep. Manufacturers should take note of the cultural nuances and fluidity of demand among age groups in Asia to identify and approach target consumers with curated products and marketing strategies. Nibbles and RTD drinks containing plant-based ingredients with targeted functionality, and digitalisation of services are significant opportunities in this space.

Key takeaways
Focus on health becomes top-of-mind in Asia Pacific
The idea of wellness and associated needs change with age
Wellness market in Asia Pacific ripe for reinvention and significant value expansion
Three pillars to identify wellness opportunities in Asia Pacific
Nutrition at the forefront of preventative health
Traditional ingredients and multifunctionality a way to improve the quality of the diet
Nutrition in action: Targeting ageing consumers
I ncreased emphasis on health from food is here to stay
Opportunities in nutritional habits
The pandemic brings physical wellness and self-care to the fore
Governments flag sports nutrition to aid physical wellness
Indian government provides affordable protein powder to Indian consumers
Simplicity key to healthy-looking skin in Asia Pacific
Singapore: Solyph, a skin care brand for consumers with active lifestyles
Asia Pacific’s growing focus on internal balance
Examining internal balance from ageing and beyond
Functional snacks, confectionery and RTDs are options to build prevention routines
Marrying demand nuances with curation of the marketing mix
Omnichannel service treatment approach to address stress and depression
Digitalisation of guided self-help
Opportunities in internal balance
Wellness expenditure growth offers opportunities in emerging Asia
Key takeaways


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