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August 2023

The retail landscape has been evolving rapidly in the pet care industry. Grocery retailers, despite their convenience, have been losing preference over the years. Pet shops and superstores are investing in becoming a one-stop shop for all things pet. E-commerce continues to enjoy benefits of evolving shopping habits, with newer forms of e-commerce emerging across markets. The retail landscape is changing, and consumers are looking for the best of both worlds.

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Key findings

Normalising growth in pet care following pandemic boom

The global pet care market continues to grow well in a post-COVID world, albeit at a slower pace than its pandemic highs. The pet humanisation trend supports consumer focus on pet health and wellbeing which in turn is supporting demand for premium offerings. Emerging regions continue to be strong pockets of growth.

E-commerce penetration grows across all markets

Shopping habits formed during the pandemic continue to linger, thus supporting the continued growth of e-commerce. Beyond factors such as convenience and variety, channel evolution is supporting its popularity. Alternate business models such as subscription boxes, emerging e-commerce platforms such as social commerce and digital engagement tools such as livestreaming are some examples of how the channel is transforming.

Store-based retailing continues to dominate almost all markets

Brick-and-mortar stores remain key to the pet care industry, with grocery retailers and pet shops and superstores playing a pivotal role. Specialist channels today are expanding into a variety of product and service offerings to become a one-stop shop for all things pet. Specialist players are also expanding offline presence in a post-COVID era.

Omnichannel the way forward

Retail strategy today requires due consideration of having an omnichannel presence. Retailers are not only expanding offline presence but also online capabilities. Consumers are turning to different channels for different reasons. Hence, brands need to identify the right channel that aligns with their brand and category strategy.

Key findings
Pet care sees growth normalise following pandemic boom
Focus on pet health and wellbeing drives category growth
Stronger growth observed in developing economies
Retail e-commerce continues to expand; registers stronger growth
Asia Pacific leads share of e-commerce sales; Latin America rallies from a smaller base
E-commerce platforms support channel growth but retail offline remains key
Strategies to drive in-store traffic
Offline retail strategies in action
Speciality channel contributes the most to retail offline
Grocery retailers retain lead despite losing share over review period
Pet specialists benefit from specialised services and wide array of offerings
US pet specialist retailers lead global ranks
Petco’s offline expansion strategy ranges from retailing partnerships to new store formats
Grocery retailers being challenged by specialists and online channels
Walmart maintains its lead across global grocery retailers
Premiumisation challenges the appeal of private label
Developed regions command lion’s share of private label offerings
Increasing cost-of-living pressures push consumers towards more affordable alternates
Pandemic-induced habits drive continued growth of retail e-commerce
Normalising but continued growth for retail e-commerce
Continued growth for e-commerce across pet care categories
Growth momentum gives rise to new business opportunities
Players tap into subscription plans built around fresh pet food
Emerging regions seeing growing investment in online expansion
Emerging e-commerce platforms expand opportunities for the channel
Digital engagement the way forward
Pet humanisation the underlying driver of growth in pet care
Stronger growth forecast for pet care e-commerce
Retailing strategies need to incorporate the best of offline and online
Leverage the advantages of an omnichannel presence
Key findings

Pet Care

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