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Hybrid Working Podcast Series: Impact on Consumer Appliances, Electronics, Home Improvement and Gaming

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The third in a series that explores how hybrid working has impacted several industries across Western Europe. In this episode we turn our attention to what it means for industries like consumer electronics and appliances, home improvement & gardening, toys & video games, and hygiene. Euromonitor’s Alexandre Loeur is joined by Veronika Kandusova, Per Brandberg and Miles Agbanrin. They discuss how the music and sports industry turned to gaming to engage with consumers, how people transformed their homes into workspaces, gyms or entertainment hubs and assess if these changes are here to stay.

For further insight and discussion, make sure you listen to the other two podcasts in this series, Hybrid Working: Impact on Fashion, and Hybrid Working: Impact on Food and Nutrition, and download the Webinar, The Future of Work and Education



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