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Euromonitor’s Approach to Uncovering the Voice of Consumers, Professionals and Experts

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Consumers today have more information and alternatives than ever before when deciding how to spend their time and money. To thrive in this age of consumer power, successful companies must adapt and align product development, marketing and other business strategies with the key traits of their target market.

  • Will the expanding reliance on smartphone apps change how Generation Z consumers shop for groceries?
  • How will growing concerns over global warming influence customer shopping habits?
  • What are my competitors planning on investing in over the next five years?
  • Which sought-after features in beauty and personal care products are driving innovation in men’s grooming products?
  • How will increase trust in internet sources affect marketing and sales strategies?

To answer these critical business questions, Euromonitor International designs executes and analyses surveys and other consumer insights methods as part of our global research. These surveys enable us to integrate consumer perspectives and context alongside the company’s industry-leading market data, providing tactical, actionable and quantifiable insights with extensive population coverage.

Euromonitor International’s current survey and consumer insights offering include both syndicated and custom products:

  • Voice of the Consumer tracking surveys, each repeated annually in 20 to 40 markets
  • Voice of the Industry surveys of professionals to explore trends and innovations with an industry lens
  • Custom surveys and other consumer insights methods integrated into consulting solutions


Across each of these products, Euromonitor International Surveys uniquely combine methodology and industry expertise to provide holistic analysis and insights.

  • Survey methodology expertise – Our methodology experts use best practices to ensure high-quality data comparable across geographies.
  • Industry expertise – Our industry experts and resources inform questionnaire development and add valuable context to results and insights.
  • Holistic analysis and story-telling – After collecting and analyzing the data, we integrate survey data with other methods to provide holistic analysis that is more robust than single-input studies.

To learn more about how our consumer insights surveys can help your organization understand current consumer preferences, identify emerging trends and pinpoint marketing and product development opportunities in markets around the world, request a demonstration.

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