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Most Popular Articles in August

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We have compiled August's most popular articles here:

The Rise of “Purpose-Driven” Businesses During COVID-19

Businesses have managed to pull through the pandemic by putting people ahead of profits, creating partnerships, redesigning products and supporting communities. This is the rise of “purpose-driven” businesses focusing on social issues.

Coronavirus Outbreak to Accelerate Household Wellness Trends

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many to remain at home for protracted periods, and “cocooning” is further strengthened by quarantines and lockdowns, at-home wellness trends are accelerating.

How Brands and Retailers Can Deal with Excess Inventory Due to Coronavirus Closures

While retailers quickly turned to e-commerce promotions to drive sales during the early days of the closures, many brands and retailers are finding that discounts are insufficient to clear out existing inventory to make way for selling new products.

Children’s Health and Nutrition: Understanding Fitness-Focused Parents

Global consumers have been staying physically fit through exercise, preventative healthcare measures, and placing importance on mental well-being. However, these trends are not just for adults, as parents are incorporating them into their children’s lifestyles and behaviour.

Coronavirus Pandemic Brings Opportunity for a Green Recovery

A dip in global electricity consumption and mobility demand has triggered a significant temporary decline in pollution and ignited a dialogue for profound changes for sustainability strategies and climate action.


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