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The Euromonitor Social Action Challenge: Making change happen

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In June 2021, we launched the Social Action Challenge, a new CSR benefit at Euromonitor. There were several reasons why this came about.

  1. Our CSR Director, Sarah Hunter, left the business after 35 years and we wanted to celebrate her contribution to CSR. Sarah kick-started the programme at EMI many years ago and grew it into something very special.
  2. Euromonitor is celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. As we reviewed and updated our core values, we also reflected on our approach to CSR, and wanted to thank our employees for their continuous engagement with the programme.

The last two and a half years have also brought a lot of change to the world of work. With Euromonitor’s new flexible working schedules, our people were in and out of our office locations, and this had an impact on corporate volunteering. It becomes trickier for employees to commit to long term volunteering such as mentoring, while one-off volunteering days are more challenging to schedule. As a result, we saw a significant but not unexpected drop in volunteering due to the pandemic.

To bring both team and individual volunteering back to being part of our day-to-day at Euromonitor, we wanted to offer additional motivation and incentives to our people. And so, the Social Action Challenge was created. All employees who use their dedicated 14 volunteering hours, join our local CSR committees and take a leading role in local CSR activities are eligible to enter a raffle to win a week long immersive volunteering experience with one of our Headline charity partners.

walkabout 2.jpegThis July, we picked our first ever winner, Kieley Harrington from our Chicago office. Kieley will travel to Kenya with Walkabout Foundation in November. Walkabout are an amazing charity who provide complex care in many regions around the world, for persons with disabilities. She’ll learn about the charity’s mission on the ground, and the challenges within the region. She’ll also be assisting the local team with the fitting and distribution of wheelchairs.

Walkabout 1 (002).jpg

We hope Kieley’s experience will motivate other employees to take advantage of our generous CSR benefits, as well as raising awareness of Walkabout’s important work.

We’ll be following Kieley’s journey closely, and we’re looking forward to hearing all about it when she returns to the UK.

Read all about how Kieley got involved with the challenge. 

Learn all about Walkabout Foundation         

Hear us talking more about the Social Action Challenge

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