Hospitality Front and Centre

October 2021

The hospitality sector is being transformed as a result of the global pandemic, with consumers demanding heightened cleanliness and safety measures, purpose-driven services and products, bespoke experiences and overall more responsible business operations supportive of social and environmental causes globally. Enhanced engagement throughout the whole customer journey and improved loyalty platforms therefore play an important role in attracting repeat business and diversified customer base. 

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Key Findings

People are front and centre of the services consumers want

Consumers cooped up during the pandemic are eager to get out into the world and to engage with people. While businesses in hospitality were among the hardest hit during the pandemic, they also potentially have the most to gain from recovery with human employees engaging consumers in positive ways.

Hospitality is an interconnected system of actors

While hospitality itself is a market, the pandemic shed a light on how inter-dependent businesses are and must be to create a consumer experience. Businesses must remain agile to be resilient to disruption up and down the supply chain.

Service is a crucial point of differentiation in the wake of the pandemic

The pandemic has made travel difficult for all involved and consumers are looking for clarity, assistance and above all quality and reliable service for their next trip. Service then will be extremely important for differentiation and loyalty will stem from positive experiences.

Hospitality is shifting away from mass tourism models and building back responsibly

The challenges of mass tourism models that propelled record sales in 2019 were exposed during the great pause that the pandemic created. Consumers are reconsidering the way they plan to travel in future and hospitality professionals are finding ways to create value with more responsible offerings.

Consumers and governments alike demand greener, more sustainable options

The pandemic also accelerated consumer interest in sustainable travel options. With planes mostly grounded, travel shifted closer to home and hospitality professionals pivoted accordingly. Government-driven changes will do much to influence more sustainable travel options moving forward.

Key findings
Introduction to the report
Re-mapping Passport Travel and Consumer Foodservice to analyse hospitality
Elevating customer engagement throughout the whole customer journey
A big opportunity now to build long-term loyalty
A new market after the pandemic
A global reset on hospitality spending
Mass tourism models giving way to more sustainable hospitality options
Re-discovering “ bleisure ” travel
The rise of a new way of urban mobility
Evolving business models part of the hospitality makeover
Hospitality industry after COVID-19
With more time to research, consumers are going bigger on their next trip
Customer safety: paramount throughout the whole customer journey
Sustainability is top of mind for consumers: in travel and in all things
Loyalty programmes : unlocking value in time of uncertainty
Hospitality players transforming to meet the needs of consumers
Account-based payments to the fore: Emirates Airlines
Hydrogen, the new transportation fuel: Hynova
Private travel clubs rising from the ashes: Allcall
Curated hotel listing to build loyalty through trust: Safara
Dining concepts to reflect place and attract visitors and locals alike: the LINE Hotel
Unique travel experiences with sustainable practices: Hidden Iceland
Hospitality is moving towards a higher quality, value-driven future
Key findings


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