Fransua  Vytautas Razvadauskas

Fransua Vytautas Razvadauskas  Senior Cities and Mobility Consultant​

Mobility Patterns | Urban Sustainability | Economic Insights | Consumer Insights | Survey Analysis


About Fransua

Fransua Vytautas Razvadauskas is a Senior Cities and Mobility Consultant at Euromonitor International and focuses on the Passport Cities and Mobility pages. Based in Vilnius, he has more than seven years of experience in the industry.

Fransua draws on his knowledge of economics and previous experience to provide engaging thought-leadership content on urban trends and mobility patterns. He produces a range of strategic reports, articles and other editorial content to make meaningful predictions on the future course of cities, urban consumers and mobility.

Fransua advises clients across a broad range of industries which includes FMCG, retail and luxury goods companies. His focus is to enable clients to gain a better understanding of the major forces guiding the future of cities, urban consumers and mobility.