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From Energy Boosting to Full Relaxation: The Strengthening of Oppositional Behaviours and Needs

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The pandemic has aroused a range of different feelings, leading some to experience increased anxiety and stress, and others to higher proactivity and a “can-do” attitude. Alternative methods to enhance internal wellbeing have been tried out more frequently. Nevertheless, external means to improve how one feels have also been seen as a way to achieve a desired state of health and mind. Due to consumers’ diversity on terms of their aims and reactions towards the pandemic, conflicting trends have been increasing, impacting a range of industries. Products aiming to enhance focus and attention and to boost energy are becoming more popular, at the same time that those intending to increase the feeling of relaxation and calmness are also gaining ground. Whether these trends are happening in beverages, consumer health or cannabis, it is interesting and important to observe how these two poles are becoming stronger.

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