Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2022

January 2022

This report identifies the 10 global consumer trends expected to impact during 2021, providing specific characteristics and how the trend manifests, consumer behaviour and motivation driving the trend, as well as insights on how industry is responding across consumer markets and geographies and the long-term impact.

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Key Findings

Backup Planners

Faced with challenges in securing their usual or desired products and services, Backup Planners are looking for ways to purchase similar items or finding creative solutions to obtain alternatives. 

Supply chain shortages are forcing businesses to pivot and provide new solutions for customers to access products and services. 

Climate Changers

Green activism and low-carbon lifestyles are here to stay. Consumers expect brands to step up and are taking action through the products they purchase as concerns over the climate emergency escalate.

To win over Climate Changers, companies should offer products that are carbon footprint certified. Transparent labelling of carbon-neutral products builds trust and enables consumers to make informed choices.

Digital Seniors

Older consumers were forced online as the world shut down. Now, familiar and comfortable with technology, Digital Seniors are empowered to make purchases and use services through this channel.

Businesses have an opportunity to tailor their digital experience to target and meet the needs of this expanded online audience.

Financial Aficionados

Consumers are gaining confidence in investing and becoming savvy savers to strengthen financial security. Financial Aficionados take control of their money and use services to track their transactions.

Financial literacy is no longer restricted to Wall Street. Companies should provide tools and easy-to-use solutions to make any consumer feel financially empowered.

The Great Life Refresh

The pandemic triggered consumers to make The Great Life Refresh, resulting in drastic personal changes and a collective reboot of values, lifestyles and goals.

Businesses should innovate goods, services and experiences that respond to this once-in-a-generation moment, coupled with marketing that acknowledges and embraces the upheaval.

Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2022 in brief (1)
Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2022 in brief (2)
Backup Planners: supply chain disruptions lead to next best options
Backup Planners: what it means for business
Australian Woolworths introduces Q-Tracker to help customers save time
The Cheese Merchant now supplying high-quality products direct to UK consumers
Outlook for Backup Planners
Climate Changers: a low-carbon world
Climate Changers: what it means for business
Boozt launches ReBoozt : allowing consumers to sell pre-owned Boozt fashion lines
Onfleet Offset delivery software introduces carbon offset solution
Outlook for Climate Changers
Digital Seniors: from resistance to reliance
Digital Seniors: what it means for business
UK’s smart home service app Howz operates as a telecare system
US grocery delivery platform Instacart offers additional support to Digital Seniors
Outlook for Digital Seniors
Financial Aficionados: democratised money management
Financial Aficionados: what it means for business
El Salvador’s embrace of cryptocurrency signals rapid decline in unbanked population
British fintech app Revolut allows consumers to budget, manage their finances and invest
Outlook for Financial Aficionados
The Great Life Refresh: passion and purpose drive action
The Great Life Refresh: what it means for business
Amazon US investing in employee education
Bumble helping dating after lockdown
Outlook for The Great Life Refresh
The Metaverse Movement: simulated, 3D digital ecosystems of the future
The Metaverse Movement: what it means for business
Ariana Grande headlines Fortnite’s Rift Tour in the Metaverse
Sports and e -sports converge as Spain’s Real Madrid expands reach with livestreaming
Outlook for The Metaverse Movement
Pursuit of Preloved: second-hand, recommerce and peer-to-peer marketplaces
Pursuit of Preloved: what it means for business
Amazon Renewed offers like-new refurbished products
French Youzd C2C online platform benefits from fast delivery
Outlook for Pursuit of Preloved
Rural Urbanites: best of both worlds
Rural Urbanites: what it means for business
Virtual farmers’ market Membo delivers local farm produce to urbanites in Estonia
Rooftop Republic is integrating farming into big city life in Hong Kong
Outlook for Rural Urbanites
Self-love Seekers: individuality and authenticity drive happiness
Self-love Seekers: what it means for business
Beiersdorf’s O.W.N shows how the future of personalised skin care will go mass
Miele’s countertop coffee system enables sophisticated home coffee experience
Outlook for Self-love Seekers
The Socialisation Paradox: a divided return to pre-pandemic life
The Socialisation Paradox: what it means for business
Emirates Airlines builds confidence towards travel through its safety measures (Global/UAE)
Procter & Gamble launches King C. Gillette beard grooming range (Global/US)
Outlook for The Socialisation Paradox
How do companies respond to consumers in 2022?
Euromonitor International’s Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2022


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