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The Next 11 Emerging Economies

February 2008

With the BRIC economies continuing to develop quickly, albeit at different rates, it is useful to look at the next tier of emerging economies...


January 2013


New Automotive Data in Passport: Our Predictions for 2012 Come True

January 2013

New passenger car and commercial vehicle registrations data in Passport reveal that global vehicle demand is on track to increase by 5% again in 2012...


January 2013


Brazilians Outspend Internationally

January 2013

Such is the economic impact of Brazilians in the US that other destinations around the world are keen to tap into this growing source market. A strong...

Mediterranean Way of Eating Under Threat

January 2013

A new piece of research by the Catholic University of Campobasso, Italy, highlights a disconcerting trend, intensified by the global recession: The...

HTC Fate Tied to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS

January 2013

HTC Corp announced its unaudited consolidated results for Q4 2012 today. For the fourth quarter of 2012, the company’s total revenues reached NT$60...

3rd Annual European Food Manufacturing & Safety Summit 2013

January 2013

The European Food Manufacturing & Safety Summit 2013 attracts over 150+ senior level food and beverage professionals wanting to learn how to improve...

Introducing New Analysis on Cities Around the World

January 2013

We are excited to announce the launch of Passport: Cities - a database providing fully comparable data and in-depth analysis on 850 cities worldwide...

Hidden Hotel Opportunities in Russia’s Shadow?

January 2013

As the largest hotel market in Eastern Europe and host to both the 2014 Winter Olympics and 2018 World Cup, Russia is garnering a lot of attention from...

Forecast Economic Growth Across the World’s Major Cities

January 2013

Euromonitor's new database, Passport: Cities shows the world is becoming increasingly urbanised and all of the its major metropolises continue...

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