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The world's most comprehensive market research on consumer products, commercial industries, demographics trends and consumer lifestyles in Eswatini.

Strategy Briefing

Top Consumer Cities 2021: Where to Look for Opportunities?

Jan 2021

The global urban consumer landscape is increasingly complex and difficult to navigate. Which cities should you choose for your consumer business expansion? To answer this and other questions, we are introducing the Euromonitor International Cities…

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Strategy Briefing

Digital Landscape in Middle East and Africa

May 2020

Middle East and Africa ranks the lowest in terms of internet penetration. However, with the affordability of smartphones and increasing investment in ICT, the region is the fastest growing in terms of internet users. Gulf countries outstand with…

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Strategy Briefing

Major Appliances in Middle East and Africa

Oct 2019

The region has recovered from economic uncertainties. Over the forecast period, improved stability is expected to continue driving consumer spending. Store-based retailing maintained dominance. Nonetheless, online retail has been gaining importance,…

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