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DÜSSELDORF Zollhof 8, Düsseldorf, 40221, Germany +49 (0)211 890944 0

Our Düsseldorf office opened in 2018 and is at the centre of managing client relationships and conducting syndicated and consulting research across Germany and Austria.

What makes the Düsseldorf office a productive, interesting and fun place to work?

Düsseldorf is our newest office, and our culture is a reflection of the city's diverse population. Our employees represent more than 20 nationalities and speak over 30 languages, giving our office an international feel along with a sense of unity as a team.

What unique solutions do you provide clients in Düsseldorf and across the region?

Our German clients are analytical thinkers, requiring high-quality data combined with qualitative insight. Our syndicated and consulting research teams are consistently implementing data quality enhancements to deliver premium insights and keep our client base engaged.

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